3 (Easy) Daily Habits to Stay In High Vibration

Here's how to make it so easy, it's impossible to forget.

Ahhh, that blissful place of high vibration. Don’t you wish you could feel that way every single day?

Because let’s face it, we all know what it feels like to be in a low vibration. You feel stressed, upset, urgent, angry, and bitter. You have a sense of overwhelm, of falling behind, of overall unhappiness.

A high vibration feels like the exact opposite. You feel peaceful, calm, and spacious. You’re more understanding, patient, and vibrant. Overall, life feels like it’s working out for you for your highest good.

Who wouldn’t want to feel like that every day!

Naturally, staying in that state takes a bit of maintenance. Think about it: you don’t just brush your teeth once and have clean teeth forever. The same goes for working out or eating healthy.

You have to maintain your energetic hygiene to maintain your energetic health, which supports you in staying in your own energy. This makes healing, happiness, and wholeness so much easier.

Hacking Your High Vibration

Each month, I host a Live Coaching Call for The Carol Tuttle Healing Center, and we just had the coaching call for August. As part of the teaching portion, I shared 3 habits I personally use to keep my vibration high every single day.

If you’re letting whatever’s happening in your life determine your mood and your state of being, you’re going to be all over the place. You’ll be more vulnerable to picking up other people’s energy because you’re not setting in place the armor of your own choice, the armor of your own intent, the practice of really working with your energy system to be stable and at a high vibration.

This takes intention and focus every day.

Now, some people hear this and get worried. “I have to do this every day? What if it’s too much work? I don’t have time for that. What if I forget? I don’t want to add one more thing to my plate!”

I hear you. I’ve had each of these thoughts too, so I understand completely how you might be feeling. But… consider the possibility that they all come from a place of low vibration and a lack mentality. I’ve been there, and I don’t want you to be there anymore.

That’s why it was important to me to make these practices VERY easy and simple. Altogether, they take about 5 minutes every day—yes, they’re that quick!

3 Ways to Keep Your Vibration High:

  1. Pull an affirmation card. I use cards from all of my Healing Affirmation Decks. I have a set in my bedroom, and another in my car. I’ll either just randomly pick one, or I’ll pick the top card and put it at the bottom of the pile after. Once I get through the deck, I will rotate decks. Put the cards wherever they will work for you. What are the things you do every day? Some people drive their cars every day. What about in the kitchen by the sink? You could put one on a stand or in a basket on top of your toilet. (Hey, why not!) Make it easy and automatic!

  2. Use a healing oil. I use one of the Carol Tuttle Healing Oils on a daily basis. I keep these in the drawer that stores my makeup, which I open every single morning. The oils are right there. I just randomly grab one of the bottles, letting my intuition guide me. (I have the full set, which I highly recommend!) I dab it around my neck, my chest, and my hands. I rub it with some lotion on my arms too. I want that vibrational support. I want the mental support to help me think differently, how to think in wellness, how to think in affirmation, and how to think in affluence. I want the oil’s influence of the vibratory support it gives my physical body. 

  3. Write in your Creation Journal. I do this at night. But I know some people like to wake up and do it first thing in the morning. It doesn’t matter when you do it! You can create your day and your life no matter when you write in your journal. But make it a habit and make it happen! It instantly lifts your vibration in the moment, and as your manifestations come into reality, your whole life will reflect the vibration shift.

The world is changing quickly. Let’s be part of that positive change!

What are you choosing to do on a daily basis with the intent to maintain a high level of well-being? It’s yours to maintain—and what an empowering place to be in. Your life is yours to create. I’m excited to be creating alongside you.

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