3 Self-Confidence Hacks to Help You Look and Feel More Confident

How a change in posture can grow your confidence!

Ask yourself this question, “How many things am I not doing because of a lack of confidence?”

Self-confidence is at the core of our lives. A lack of self-confidence can have various negative effects on us, both personally and professionally. When we lack confidence in ourselves we miss out on opportunities, selling ourselves short. We may hesitate to take risks or step out of our comfort zone. This can hinder personal growth and prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Rate your self-confidence on a scale from 1-5.

(1, being next to none. 5, being steady confidence every day.)

Where did you land?

Where are you the most confident in your life?

Where are you the least confident in your life?

There is day-to-day baseline confidence that is a product of knowing who you are and believing in and loving yourself. Then there is the kind of confidence that develops when we learn new things and become more confident in them. 

  • (2:28) I share the area in my life where I lack confidence. Having a strong baseline of confidence helps me get through this area with success and ease.
  • (3:23) By trying this new experience I grew a specific area of confidence. I didn’t wait until I was confident, I started doing it and became more confident. My baseline self-confidence gave me the courage to begin.  

Before I teach you the 3 hacks to increase self-confidence, I’d like to invite you to learn more about my new online course, Self-Confidence Ignited. It’s a 3-week course offered within the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. We begin as a community on July 17th. This course will help build that baseline foundational confidence that supports you in pursuit of the things you desire in your life and relationships.

Here are 3 easy hacks that help you look and feel more confident (6:41):

  1. Lift your chin when you walk, talk, and sit.  
  2. Pull your shoulders back and roll them, and turn your thumbs so they are facing toward where you are walking.
  3. Look people in the eye when you are talking to them.  

Bonus 4th hack:  Walk with a smile on your face and nod your head to acknowledge someone you pass, making eye contact.

As you hold yourself with a confident posture you energetically feed your baseline self-confidence.

Do you have a desire that a lack of self-confidence is keeping you from? Don’t let that missing confidence keep you stuck any longer. Here’s to more confidence!

On July 17th I will personally guide the 3-week course, Self-Confidence Ignited. Get ready to feel more self-assured and worthy than you have in years!

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