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4 True-to-Type Ways to Create Financial Stability in Uncertain Times

How to navigate an economic downturn with total peace

We are moving through a financial crisis—but it doesn’t have to be a negative situation for you.

Just because the collective story is talking about a financial crisis, you have a choice: to be a part of it, or create your own financial experience.

I know exactly how to help you do that. Yes, it IS possible!

Here’s a quick list of what was covered in this special broadcast:

(7:30) – Do you know your Money Type yet? I share tips for each Energy Type so that you can stop unhealthy habits with money and use it as a tool to make it work for you.

(18:23) – My first guest is Jane whose story is how she manifested her heart’s desire, including her dream home while living on a fixed income. She’ll share the limiting beliefs she had to clear to attract exactly what she desired.

(30:35) – Then welcome Jenny who, just by shifting her own money energy, created huge shifts in her and her husband’s financial experiences. Her stories of success are powerful for anyone wondering if this will really work for them.

(41:23) – My last guest is a stay-at-home mom whose husband just recently lost his job. Carlie is repeating a familiar environment she learned in her childhood—and I’m going to help her break out of this pattern for good!

Let’s keep the energy of money moving into your life!

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