5 Ways to Get Your Spark Back After Menopause

Carol and Jon's tips to get back in touch with your creative and sexual energy

Do you remember that rich, vibrant feeling you had before going through menopause? You were filled with an eagerness to create and a desire for pleasure.

But now…things are different.

Your body has changed so much over the years. Your hormones, energy levels, and sex drive have all taken a dip. The normal routine you were used to every day was sidetracked by managing mood swings and hot flashes.

Now that you’re on the other side (phew!), you’re feeling the nudge to get back in touch with yourself. What does that look like, now that you’re in a completely different phase of life?

How do you tap into the creative energy within you—how do you even know if it’s still there?

Life after menopause: finding yourself again

Each month, I host a Live Coaching Call for all the members of The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. The one we just had for March 2022 was all about my brand new Healing Plan for Sexual Intimacy. Together, my husband Jon and I answered live questions from members of our community who are going through this plan for the very first time!

One of our members, Christine, asked for help in the following area:

I would love to get guidance around turning my creative sexual energy back on after menopause.”

She explained how it felt like a light switch turned off as she went through menopause. This is not surprising; most women feel this way.

But there is hope! The beautiful thing about energy healing is that the more you do this work, the more you can get back in touch with this creative and sexual energy!

5 Ways to Get in Touch with Your Sexual & Creative Energy After Menopause

1. Have your hormones professionally checked by your doctor.

Make sure that you understand your hormones and what levels they should be. When your hormones are healthy and balanced, it will make such a difference in your life experience! I (Carol) have been doing bioidentical hormones for years. You may not even have to take high doses; I simply take small doses to supplement and tweak my levels.

2. Find a way to exercise that will bring you pleasure.

When you hear the word “exercise,” does it make you roll your eyes? That is the exact reaction I don’t want you to have! Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, at this stage in your life, exercise must be enjoyable. Exercise is what will give you a chance to really build that creative/pleasurable energy and use it!

Don’t do something just because you feel like you have to do it. Your exercise needs to be something you look forward to doing. If that means walking, do it! I love to swim. Jon loves to mountain bike. Anything that preferably gets you out in nature to experience more wilderness, fresh air, and sunshine.

3. Begin a simple qigong practice.

Jon has been on his own journey of tapping into his sexual energy in recent years. He’s found a lot of personal fulfillment and enjoyment through the practice of qigong. Qigong is more of a Type 2 exercise, as it’s very smooth and flowing. It allows your body to move in many different ways, while engaging your spine, your arms, and your legs. But it’s not just about moving your physical body—it’s also an invitation to experience movement in a way that enriches your movement in all of life.

4. Do the menopause clearing session.

As part of the Healing Plan for Sexual Intimacy, I released a brand new clearing to go with it, the Clearing Session for Menstrual and Menopausal Issues. This session will help you clear the shame energy that has been created throughout your life. It will help you feel more in control of your body and help reduce, and even eliminate, symptoms that can occur during natural cycles and changes you’ve moved through.

5. Do the Healing Plan for Anti-Aging.

This healing plan will assist you in clearing and healing all long-standing beliefs and emotions around the negative perceptions and side effects of aging, including menopausal changes. You will also clear and heal deeply-held, negative beliefs and emotions that surface on a regular basis as you mature and grow older.

Watch your life blossom and thrive after menopause.

This was just one of the helpful insights of the live coaching call. Want to see even more? Watch the replay here.

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