Top 10 Affirmations for Building Self-Confidence

Are you feeling unsure of yourself? Do you have low self-esteem?

A LOT of us struggle with confidence and lack internal positivity. Most of us have what’s called “imposter syndrome,” where we always wonder if we are doing life right. We feel like frauds deep down and we wonder if people can see how unsure we are.

You can overcome this for positive changes and personal growth.

This blog is going to teach you how to embody strength and radiate confidence.

How I Found My Confidence

Years ago, this was a huge issue for me. I had suicidal depression in my own life that made me feel like I was wasting space. I was uncomfortable with how I looked and I had a lot of deep, dark places within where I loathed who I was. My mind was filled with negative thoughts towards myself.

I was able to mask this very well. Most people would never have known just how insecure I was during that time. But, just because you are functional, doesn’t mean you are healthy with your approach towards self-love and confidence.

As I started to understand the power of our thinking and energy vibrations, I realized that the negative thoughts I was letting linger in my head were pulling me down further. I started to see how self-confidence is something that can be created (or destroyed) by the habits we choose to pursue. We can make our own confidence!

It takes time and discipline to develop a stronger sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Our inner confidence becomes a byproduct of understanding ourselves on a deep level. When you have self-awareness and self-belief, you will love yourself and feel more comfortable with how you fit in the world.

How Do Affirmations Impact Confidence?

Positive self-talk changes how your brain perceives a situation. When you repeat a thought over and over, the brain holds it as true. Subconsciously, we tell ourselves things all the time. Often, we tend to repeat limiting beliefs in our minds. Your natural thoughts might include things like:

    “I’m not sure I know what I’m doing here.”

    “Can they tell how uncomfortable I feel?”

    “Ugh. I feel so stupid right now.”

    “I shouldn’t have said anything.”

    “I can’t do that.”

If you pay close attention, you will notice a constant barrage of negative self-talk coming through your mind. No wonder you feel so down on yourself!

Positive affirmations work to rewire that thinking, replacing those natural negative thoughts with positive ones. To combat the above negative feelings, you would immediately start repeating positive thoughts like:

    “I’m glad I can learn new things.”

    “I am comfortable, and I share my energy with grace.”

    “I love and respect myself.”

    “I am intelligent and treasure my perspective.”

    “I can do hard things and I get better at it each time.”

As you repeat those positive statements, they will take the space of the negative ones, making your brain believe that perspective. This is how you train your mind. It is so easy in concept, but it takes hard work to catch yourself and make the change!

We work out to make our muscles and organs strong, toning the body and improving our health. In the same way, we can use affirmations to strengthen the mind and improve our mental health. It doesn’t happen overnight, but a slow and steady shift in your daily routine will make a HUGE difference in your confidence levels.

Top 10 Affirmations for Building Confidence

It’s easy to read through this list and not have any of it stick. This needs to become more than just words listed on a screen. Stop and meditate on each one, really considering the words and why we are saying them.

You may feel out of your comfort zone at first. But, as you practice, these affirmations start to become natural. Eventually, this positive method of thinking is going to become effortless.

Here are my top 10 daily affirmations for self-confidence and why they are so important.

1. “Thank you, God. I belong. I count.”

This is something that roots back to childhood. We may have experienced that trauma when we felt like we didn’t live up to the expectations of our parents or were left out by friends.

Your brain internalized this hurt and has put up walls to protect you moving forward. But those walls are not truly serving you. This affirmation is a validation we have needed since birth and through the earliest years. We need to believe this basic truth in order to start accepting and loving ourselves.

God made you. Always remember that you count because he made you and not because of something you did. You count because he said you count and that matters more than anything else in this creation.

2. “I am loveable and acceptable.”

Building on that last one, take it a step further. You are WORTHY of being loved and accepted.

Even with our flaws, as people, we are loveable and acceptable. We need to see this part of ourselves so we can open up to freely show the deepest part of ourselves. When you put up a wall, you are often going to be more selfish, more burdensome and more miserable because you are trying to protect yourself.

3. “I welcome seeing my true self.”

As you start to understand who you are and let go of who you aren’t, you will find peace and self-love. Welcome who you are. Embrace what makes you unique. You are cherished by God. Know that he only wants what is best for you.

Realize that there may be people who do not welcome you or appreciate your true self—and then, separate yourself from their toxic energy. Not everyone will give you a fair chance because of their own deep hurts and issues. As you find self-love, you will realize these people can have your goodwill without taking any of your energy.

4. “I am non-judgmental of myself.”

Stop putting yourself down! Watch your energy level when the negative thought patterns come. When you tell yourself you can’t or that you aren’t good at something, that energy level tanks!

Be honest and work to change the things you don’t want to be—but even do that in a positive way that is kind to your inner child. Remove blocks and toss away the parts that aren’t you, without judgment. Work very hard not to label yourself as something you don’t want to be.

5. “I am trusting what I say and do is good enough.”

Self-doubt is so huge—especially if you are struggling with anxiety or depression. You will start rehashing conversations and wondering if you said the right thing. You will keep yourself up at night wondering if the other person took something you said the wrong way—maybe they didn’t have the reaction you thought they would have.

STOP! You will make yourself feel hurt and anxious just by dwelling on this kind of thinking. Use this affirmation to soothe that part of the brain that keeps trying to go into overdrive. Release yourself from the burden of having to do and say everything perfectly in the eyes of others.

6. “I am speaking my truth.”

You have a perspective that is not the same as everyone else’s. Even though you have the best intentions, you may be misunderstood. This can happen because another person doesn’t think the same way or because they misunderstood what you were trying to convey.

Release yourself from the burden of perfect alignment with others.

7. “I am connected to my internal source of truth.”

If your truth is already there (it is!), then you should connect with it and start living it.

You are bringing something important to the world. It is the sum of ALL people that start to show the reflection of God—not just one of us! Speak your truth and don’t live to meet the expectations of people, only the expectations of your Creator God.

8. “I am connected to my internal source of confidence.”

You are learning more about who you are and who God has made you to be. You don’t have to override your lack of self-confidence. Instead, you are getting to know your blocks, your wounds, your trauma and your truth.

Through this understanding, you will start to have a full picture of who you are. As you accept it and work to build yourself up, you will be connected to the internal source that makes you…you.

9. “I am worthwhile, and I am powerful.”

Power is your force to be good in the world. You are creating your reality and you have the opportunity to become what you envision.

As you realize your own power here, you will be able to shape things into what you want them to be. You will have a deeper connection with God as you allow him to alter your perspective and teach you invaluable lessons.

10. “I am feeling good and looking good.”

This can be a tricky one for women. I like to pair this with my Dressing Your Truth site where you learn how to dress according to your Energy Type and personality.

You are beautiful. Full stop. You don’t need to change your physical appearance to meet the criteria here.

Practice Your Self-Care Daily

Think about which of those self-esteem affirmations really stuck out to you. If some were hard to say with meaning, then you likely need to work on deeper healing in those areas.

Post your favorite affirmations for confidence in places you will see them—around the house and in your car.

Support your restorative process with aromatherapy. My specially crafted I am Confident essential oil has an immediate healing and awakening effect on your brain.

Use my affirmation decks to bring more of these powerful affirmations into your life.

If you’d like more confidence and support in living out your truth, join the Carol Tuttle Healing Center program.

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