Why So Many Women Have a Negative Aging Experience

Have you already lived the best years of your life?

Feel like your life is going to be over once you reach a certain age? It’s no wonder. Society and cultural programming have placed extreme limitations on what it means for you to get older.

And no matter your age right now, you’re affected by this story.

If you’re on the younger side, perhaps you see your parents going through healthcare, financial, or personal health challenges. Or if you’re on the older side, maybe you’re experiencing them yourself.

Either way, you’re left with a sense of powerlessness as these changes feel inevitable and out of your control.

But consider the possibility that this is just not true.

Aging does not have to be a powerless experience.

Each month, I have a Live Coaching Call for all the members of The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. And we just had our March call a few days ago!

The members of the Healing Center are moving through a group experience together of the Healing Plan for Anti-Aging. So on this call, we focused on a lot of fears and concerns that are coming up for people as they work through this plan.

One question from a member stood out to me:

“I had a career in the Navy before I had children, but I had to get out in order to take care of them. I’ve now been raising them for over 17 years and I’ll be 55 by the time my youngest moves out. I have this fear that I’ve already lived the best years of my life. I need to clear this negative belief.”

I first want to acknowledge the member’s awareness that this is only a negative belief. And she’s 100% correct—it can be cleared away!

Let’s unpack this. In her question are several societal programs:

  • 55 is considered “old”
  • Younger years are the best of your life
  • Life stops when you get old
  • Life becomes harder as you age
  • You can’t be “cool” anymore once you reach a certain age
  • Having children puts your life on hold

These beliefs are a perfect example of how the stereotyping of agism casts us into an experience that is limiting. It consists of ill health, disease, compromise, and lack of money. The majority of people on the planet have a declining life experience as they age, because they’ve taken on that story as an unavoidable truth.

But here’s the good news: We live at the best time to prevent and end all of the negative aging stereotypes.

You have a choice on how you age and what direction your health goes. You can either have the experience of challenges, like the ones I mentioned above, or you can have the experience of health, vitality, and affluence. It’s not that one experience is right or wrong, better or worse. There’s no moral connection between a limited experience or an unlimited one. Both are available to you.

The question is: What experience do you want?

Why so many women have a negative aging experience

I was recently in an aquatic center and overheard two women in the locker room showers talking about aging. They were older than me, maybe in the 70ish age range, and their conversation caught my attention.

They were talking about a physical ailment, and the one replied, “I know, it’s just problem after problem.”

I do not believe that just because we age, our bodies stop knowing how to repair themselves. I believe our language and beliefs influence our bodies—not the other way around!

If you give your attention to comments and beliefs like this, you’re training your mind to believe it. But if you focus on what you want instead, your beliefs will change.

Are you stuck on your human timeline of age?

Reprogramming yourself away from the collective story takes work, but it’s surprisingly simple. As your beliefs and thoughts shift, you realize how much life you have to live.

One of the powerful ways to do this is to take yourself off your human timeline and place yourself on your soul’s timeline.

When I did this, I realized I am an eternal being in the truth of who I am. My soul is eternal and has an experience, and I do not want it to be limited by human time.

Put Yourself On Your Soul’s Timeline

  • Close your eyes and see yourself standing on your current human timeline.
  • Look down and see your soul’s timeline next to you. It could be to your left or right.
  • Notice the difference of these timelines.
  • Your human timeline has a start point behind you, and an endpoint in front of you. You can see both points clearly.
  • Your soul’s timeline has no beginning behind you and no end in front of you.
  • Step off of your human timeline and onto your soul’s timeline.

Now, you’ve been removed from the limited experience, which frees you up to live a more full experience rather than aging detrimentally.

Anytime you feel limited in your current experience, return to this visualization and step onto your soul’s timeline.

Free yourself from limiting beliefs about aging

This was just one of the powerful insights we covered on the live coaching call. Want to see even more? Watch the replay here.

You get access to this Coaching Call (and all the other calls we’ve done in the past) when you’re a member of the Healing Center. If you haven’t joined us yet, you can start your 14-day free trial right now.

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