Are You Hypersensitive to Rejection?

Unlocking confidence: tapping away the fear of rejection

Most of us will or have experienced a fear of rejection at some point in our lives. Why does this happen, and where does this fear come from?

The fear of rejection can be a powerful force that holds us back. It prevents us from attracting the good and kind people we deserve. It hinders us from fully enjoying moments with friends and leaves us with a mind cluttered with negative memories. Most importantly, it can rob us of the acceptance we seek, both from ourselves and others. 

Where does the fear of rejection come from?

The fear of rejection often begins in our childhood from interactions with our parents, siblings, friends, and peers. These interactions caused us to feel unwanted, unwelcome, and unloved. We felt shamed and insecure. Now as adults, these feelings can surface and cause us to fear that others won’t like us or want us. 

Are you ready to let go of the fear that has been holding you back for far too long? Are you ready to embrace a world where you attract the people you deserve, enjoy every moment with your friends, and create a treasury of uplifting memories? If so, let’s begin this tapping session and discover the path to a more confident, rejection-free you.

What can you do to clear this fear of rejection?

Tapping is a simple yet very effective energy technique to stop negative patterns and beliefs. In this mini healing session, we’ll release the fear that others will reject you, and replace it with the confidence that you are loved and accepted for who you are. 

EFT Session to Clear the Fear of Rejection

This session will assist you in releasing the fear that others will reject you if you’re just being your true self. It will help you stop the pattern of worrying about what others think, as well as feeling as though you need to change yourself to fit in and be accepted by others.

Think of a time in your life when you experienced rejection.

Now finish the sentence:

“When I was rejected, I felt…….”

“When I was rejected, I felt…….”

“When I was rejected, I felt…….”

(5:36) Clearing Statements

Start with your hand on your chest at heart center. Taking a deep breath in, set your intention:

“I am free of creating the pattern of rejection in my life. I am loved and accepted for who I am.

(6:05) Tapping Points to Clear

Next, begin tapping your forehead, then move to tap on the side of your head, then at the top of the cheekbones, under the nose, on the chin, and then on the center of the chest.

As you tap, express the frustrating experiences and problems you are having or have had. You will start the clearing process by stating things like:

  • “Scared. Afraid I have to alter myself to fit in.”
  • “I have to change myself to be accepted.” 
  • “Letting go of all the times, I was rejected.”
  • “Letting go of all the times, I believed I was rejected, even though I probably was not.” 
  • “Releasing ashamed of how I acted. Embarrassed by what I said. I made a fool of myself. Let it all go, once and for all.” 
  • “Scared I’ll be rejected if I am myself. If I let down my guard, I will lose you.” “Expecting rejection. I’ll reject you before you reject me.” 
  • “Releasing the pattern of sabotaging relationships so I can experience rejection again.” 
  • “Letting go of my ‘needs are not important’, forgetting all my needs.” 
  • “Let it all go from every fiber of my being. Let it go.”

(8:14) Forgiveness Statements

Take a DEEP breath to start the renewal process.

With your hand on your heart, state that you will forgive yourself. Then list out what you are forgiving yourself for.

“I forgive myself for all the effort I’ve made to keep myself from being rejected. I now am free of this pattern. I’m accepted for who I am.”

(8:54) Reframe Statements

Following the same tapping motion as before, you will now repeat the positive thoughts that will replace the old frustrations and hurts.

As you tap, repeat the new thoughts that will bring a healthy vibration and new energy:

  • “I am ready for full and complete acceptance of myself.”
  • “As I accept the true me, others easily accept the true me.” 
  • “Acceptance begins with me.”
  • “I am grateful I easily attract good and kind people into my life.”
  • “I am experiencing the goodness and kindness of the people currently in my life.” 
  • “I am accepted.” 
  • “I am confident and easily express my true nature when I am with others.” 
  • “I am confident in what I said and how I acted.” 
  • “I am feeling good.”
  • “I’m enjoying this process of change I am moving through.”

Tap all over your body to ground yourself in this new energy pattern!

Let these new insights and beliefs settle in.

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