Are You Making Your Healing Harder Than It Has to Be?

Stay on track with your healing, in less than 10 minutes a week.

I see you healing. You’re dedicated to this process.

You became a member of the Healing Center, you do the Healing Plans and sessions, and you’re using your Creation Journal every day.

But sometimes it can be discouraging when you feel like you aren’t healing as quickly as you’d like. It’s easy to develop the belief that healing will take so much time, especially when you feel like you’re doing it all on your own.

It’s hard to stick with it when you don’t have a support system. Life takes over, and even the most passionate of us can get sidetracked.

I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

I want to make sure you stay in the powerful phase of healing, keeping your goals in sight, and staying in your own energy.

I want to show you that even if you just dedicate 10 minutes a week to your healing, you will see progress.

I’m excited to show you two new ways I’ll be your support system!

  1. Now, you can sign up for text reminders from me.
  2. You can stay on track with my new monthly Healing Center Prompt Calendar.

Texts Reminders: Twice a week, I’ll send you text messages that will include a note of encouragement and a link to one of our Healing Center resources. Look for those on Monday and Wednesdays. Sign up for the text reminders here! (Please note: our text message service is only currently available for U.S. phone numbers.)

Healing Center Prompt Calendar: At the beginning of each month, my team and I will post a brand new calendar in our Facebook group. This will include the resources sent out via texts, as well as additional sessions and the coaching call. (International members, make sure you are a member of the Facebook group so you can still access all the prompts.)

Both of these new additions will help you get even more out of your Healing Center membership!

I want to see you make progress. Even more, I want YOU to see yourself making progress. And I know that if you were to only do just two healing resources each week, you would see it.

I know these prompts will motivate and remind you to stay connected to your healing journey.

I’m so excited for you. Let’s do this together. 

Curious about the Healing Center but haven’t become a member yet? I’m offering you a complimentary two weeks for FREE, so you can see how powerful it is. You get full access to the entire Healing Center, including all Healing Plans, single sessions, coaching calls, and courses.

Get your complimentary two weeks free!

Bless you,

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