2 Easy Ways to Stop the Pattern of Self-Sabotage

You could be self-sabotaging right now (& not know it)

When you hear “self-sabotage,” what comes to mind?

You don’t want to admit that you may self-sabotage—but what if you do it without even realizing it?

Think of the last time this happened: things started to go well for you, but then just before they worked out, something bad happened?

Or maybe you made plans and set a goal to accomplish something, but then it felt too overwhelming to even get started?

These two examples are just a couple of ways that self-sabotage shows up in our lives. Either we create a pattern where we can’t see something to completion, or we set the goal too high to begin with, making it impossible to achieve.

Some other ways you could be sabotaging yourself:

  • Procrastinating
  • Aiming too high or too low
  • Not allowing yourself to dream at all
  • Setting unrealistic expectations
  • Stirring up drama

Self-sabotage affects so many areas of your life: your relationships, your money habits, and your health and body.

In a nutshell, self-sabotage is a sneaky way we keep ourselves stuck and unhappy.

But before you feel any shame or self-judgment, let’s talk about why do we do this, and what’s really going on underneath the surface.

Where does self-sabotage come from?

Self-sabotage is caused by repressed emotions and old beliefs that are stuck in our subconscious. The subconscious mind is far stronger than the conscious mind! The conscious mind operates as though it’s the one making the decisions, but in reality, the subconscious is running the show.

We can’t access our subconscious beliefs just by trying to think about them or figure out what they are. We have to drop out of our conscious, thinking mind to dig deeper.

I teach you how to do this in my brand new resource, Clearing Session for Self-Sabotage. I created this session because I see so many people who want to break away from self-sabotaging patterns, but they continue to cut themselves short without even knowing it’s happening!

People who self-sabotage don’t believe they’re worthy of having what they want. They believe they don’t deserve it, but they think someone or something outside of them always prevents them from getting it. They don’t realize that they’re the ones actually preventing it!

As a result, they feel powerless, angry, and resentful.

Does this sound like you? What if you could free yourself from the pattern of self-sabotage? I believe this is 100% possible.

2 Easy Ways to End the Pattern of Self-Sabotage

1. Fill in the blank: “I self-sabotage because…”

Get your journal and a pen, and finish the sentence 10 times. Just write whatever comes to you. “I need to sabotage myself because…”

What showed up? As we bring these deeper, repressed energies to the surface, they can be easily cleared.

2. Do the Clearing Session for Self-Sabotage

What you wrote may already be included in the clearing script. But if it isn’t, just add it in yourself. Simply pause the video at any time during the clearing and read aloud what you have written.

To support a stronger clearing experience, I recommend using the
“I Am Present” Healing Oil.

Take a few drops and place them on the fingertips of the hand you’ll be using to tap with. Take a deep inhale and exhale.

Set yourself free from sabotage.

Something I have done for years that you can do right now is to include in my prayers the following: “God, please help me see what I am doing to sabotage my life. Please give me the motivation to stop it and change this pattern.”

And, as a result of doing this new powerful clearing, you’ll release the blocks that keep you confused & unsure. You’ll know with confidence and certainty what you want. You’ll feel ready and capable to move forward on plans as you open yourself to the possibilities of your dreams.

You’ll find that self-sabotage will become a thing of the past.

If you’re already a member of the Healing Center, you can access this clearing for right now. If you’re not a member yet, you can start your 14-day FREE trial today. Once a member, you’ll have access to the entire collection of all the clearing sessions and healing plans.

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