Do You Need a Social Media Cleanse? 8 Tips to Create a Healthier Online Experience.

How to detox from social media so it supports you, instead of draining you!

Over the last decade, I’ve made many changes to improve my health and lifestyle.

I changed my diet to real, whole foods with more greens, and I hardly eat sugar anymore. I give my body adequate rest each night, and unplugged from any type of violent movies or toxic TV shows.

The next step I took was to make positive changes to my personal social media habits.

Do you know what social media is doing to your energy?

It’s no secret that frequent social media users are more likely to be unhappy about their lives.

Several years ago, I started to pay more attention to how social media was affecting my own energy and emotions:

  • I felt negative emotions in response to certain kinds of posts from others.
  • I caught myself making judgments about people.
  • I felt reactions come up that I knew were not aligned with my highest self.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy social media! Facebook and Instagram allow me to connect with all of you amazing people and share positive and inspiring messages with our community. But if we’re not careful, it can go south.

8 Tips to Make Your Facebook Experience More Enjoyable

  1. Pay attention to the energy you allow into your life through these platforms.
  2. Every person you’re friends with and every group you’re connected to has the ability to influence your own energetic experience. Is your particular social network uplifting you or bringing you down?

  3. Be conscious of the energy you put out on social media.
  4. Social media platforms have given us all the ability to have an opinion on everything and share it easily. But just because we have an opinion doesn’t mean we have to share it.

    Ask yourself first if what you are about to post is positive! And would you say it to that person face-to-face?

  5. Notice what you’re feeling when you turn to these apps and platforms.
  6. Do you go on them when you’re bored? Tired? Lonely? Distracted? Upset?

    If you’re looking to escape and disconnect from your feelings, the things you say or share may not be aligned with your best self.

  7. Evaluate your “friends.”
  8. If you have “friends” who you are no longer aligned with and haven’t seen in years, ask yourself if you really need to stay connected to them.

    Then, give yourself permission to unlike, unfriend, and unfollow.

    I’ve had people tell me how after they trimmed down their friend list, they felt 10 pounds lighter from letting go of them. And by doing that, you create space for new and better people to show up in your life!

  9. Edit your newsfeed.
  10. Just because you’re friends with people doesn’t mean you need or want to see everything they post.

    You can easily “snooze” or mute someone—sometimes all we need is a little break!

  11. Reassess the pages you “like” and which groups you’re in.
  12. As human beings, we’re always growing and changing. Take a moment to review the pages and groups you’ve liked in the past and see if they are still a fit with who you are today and where you want to go.

    Removing yourself from groups will also clean up your newsfeed naturally!

  13. Turn off notifications.
  14. It’s easy to be tied to social media when you get notifications for every “like,” comment, or message.

    I encourage you to turn off ALL notifications for 30 days and see how your stress and anxiety levels go down!

  15. Choose to follow people and groups that uplift, encourage, and inspire you!
  16. There are many incredible people sharing positive content. Curate your social media to be a place that lifts your energy and gives you a boost!

    And if you need some suggestions, I invite you to visit my social media accounts for positive posts:

    With a combined following of close to 240,000 across social media, I feel a responsibility to create uplifting and inspiring posts. It’s my desire to use social media to make a difference in the world.

    Giving your social media an overhaul is an awesome place to start when it comes to making your life a more rich and positive experience. I invite you to go even deeper into your self-healing journey. I created the Clearing Session for Daily Stress in my online Healing Center. This 11-minute clearing will assist you in releasing patterns of stress and overwhelm in your daily life.

    Bless you,

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