Could There Be a Hidden Benefit to Your Pain & Illness?

Your illness could be serving a purpose in your life—here's how to clear the connection

When you deal with disease and illness, it’s natural to think it’s a horrible experience happening to you and that you would be so much better off without this illness.

But consider the possibility that the reason you haven’t gotten better yet is that deep down, you don’t believe you would be better off. In fact, deep down, it’s quite possible that you are attached to this illness because you need it for something.

When people first hear about this concept, they’re floored, and oftentimes, they reject this idea.

After all, why would anyone want their illness?

Let’s explore the pattern that could be playing out for you.

When illness serves a purpose in your life.

Our bodies communicate with us every single day. One of the reasons disease, illness, or pain shows up is to tell us that something is wrong on an emotional or mental level. However, it’s possible that instead of healing the underlying issue, we then become attached to the disease, illness, or pain itself because it gives us a new identity.

We begin to play out a pattern where we direct our energy and attention against our bodies, all while needing the attention we’re getting from the issue.

In a way, it helps us feel heard, seen, and cared about.

Who would you be without your illness? Who would notice you? Hear you? It’s possible that while you often say you want to get better, below the surface, your beliefs are saying the opposite.

Your subconscious mind could be keeping you sick.

The part of your mind where you do all your thinking is the conscious mind. This part of your mind is like the tip of the iceberg you see out in an ocean, whereas the subconscious mind is like the larger, more vast portion of the iceberg that’s underneath the water. The subconscious mind is where your earliest memories set up camp and create your world view for the rest of your life. And it’s actually the part of your mind that makes all the decisions—not your conscious mind.

That’s why it’s so important to tap into the energy and beliefs in the subconscious mind to unblock them, clear them, and then write a new script.

You can do that with the Clearing Session to release Disease and Illness. Going through this session is best for you if you’re feeling physically, mentally, or emotionally exhausted from physical issues, afraid you’ll never heal, or feel angry at your body’s limitations.

This session will help you release limiting beliefs that keep your body from healing. It will also help you release any hidden attachments you may have to needing your illness. You’ll activate strength and self-healing. You’ll create a new experience of health where you love and enjoy your body.

On a deeper level, you’ll discover how you can forgive yourself for any emotional needs you may have attached to your illness and learn to meet your needs in a healthy way.

As you heal, you’ll begin to treat disease, illness, and pain as you messengers.

The traditional medical script is that disease, illness, and pain are your enemy. We are told we need to “fight” pain, so people take painkillers.

Instead of trying to kill or fight the ailments of your body, what if you were to embrace them instead? Love that part of your body that is hurting.

Switch the story. Regardless of what the story is behind your pain, you can start now to script a new story for a pain-free life.

When you switch from living in the lower frequencies of pain, fear, anger, resentment at what happened and shift into the higher frequencies of love, acceptance and appreciation, I believe your body can start to heal right now.

Do you believe it? Remember, you will continue to experience what you believe.

Return to the affirmations and clearing script in the Clearing Session to release Disease and Illness and let me know how things shift for you.

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