What Are Your Fears Around Journaling? This Will Help.

How to overcome the blocks that keep you from writing

Have you ever thought that journaling could be used as a healing technique?

I personally believe that journaling is an important process in your healing experience. The benefit of journaling is that it uncovers hidden beliefs that aren’t accessible to your conscious mind. That’s why it’s best to write with your hand, with a pen and paper, rather than typing.

As part of your experience in the Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center, I include journaling as one of the Daily Practices in most of the Healing Plans. It’s sacred writing that unlocks your deepest beliefs, patterns, and thoughts.

For example, in the Healing Plan for Living Your Life Purpose, some of the statements I have you write are…

“Dear Soul, what experiences would you like me to have more of?”

“Dear Soul, what lessons have I already learned that I can let go of?”

“Dear Soul, what are the new lessons you would like me to learn?”

“Dear Soul, is there anything I need to let go of?”


I encourage you to try some journaling yourself, perhaps using these statements above to get you started.

What if you have resistance to the idea of journaling?

I recently came to learn that some of the Healing Center clients had blocks that came up around the idea of journaling. They felt dread and avoidance when it came time to journal. They fear that someone would read what they wrote. Others felt shame over the things they ended up writing.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

That’s why I created a brand new resource for you, “Clearing Session for Fear of Journaling.”

This session is designed to assist you in enjoying the experience of journaling so you can receive the many healing benefits from taking the time to do it.

It will help you look forward to the ritual of journaling and feel safe to write whatever comes to mind. You’ll receive major insights and “aha” moments as you create healing experiences through your writing.

Amy shares her own personal insight, “My biggest ‘aha’ from journaling was my body letting me know that I need to let myself move more in my daily life experience. She told me to let myself move more quickly through my day true to my Type 1 nature. She said
Please let me move more quickly and do more. I can do more than you think. I can get more done quicker than you realize!'”

What revelations will you receive from journaling?

Take a few minutes and do the Clearing Session for Fear of Journaling in the Healing Center to find out. They may surprise you!

Bless you,

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