How To Get These Energy Centers Working For Your Type 1 Energy

Balance your personal energy system for a more enjoyable, light, and playful life.

We all move through the world in our own unique ways. There are four Energy Types that define how we naturally work in this world. Each Energy Type has characteristics that make up common strengths and weaknesses.

I want you to live true to your own energy! Understanding your tendencies within your Energy Type will help you achieve that. While I will share about each of the four Energy Types in the coming weeks, this blog post is dedicated to Type 1.

What is Type 1 Energy?

If you are Type 1, you are naturally animated, bright, and filled with a lightness. You may find you are the spark of joy within the room, and you are likely to be an empath more than any other type. You radiate energy, and you perceive those energies from others. If you are type one, you probably:

  • Are upbeat and see the glass as half full
  • Are spontaneous and love to jump off the beaten path
  • Are brilliant and tend to be unstructured
  • May be messy and scattered
  • Tend to focus on the upper chakras (upper chakra dominant)
  • Daydream with plenty of ideas for the future

Your personality type is not naturally weighed down, but light and airy. You might be a tad forgetful or distracted, but you are kind and creative. If this is your personality type, then you must keep reading to see how you can get those energy centers working for you! I have some constructive observations and tips for your Type 1 Energy.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Type 1

There are pros and cons to every personality type. There will be things you are naturally really good at and things you struggle with. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you avoid pitfalls common with your personality type. I want to help you be your best self and let all that beautiful light shine through!

The strengths of Type 1 Energy are:

The light you spread is infectious! Don’t ever stop letting your light shine because others feed off of your energy! Like the sun, you provide rays that brighten the day and lighten the atmosphere just by being.

You see the good in people. We NEED people like you that see the good, now more than ever. With so many difficult things going on, positive people help us stay on track for what the future COULD and SHOULD be.

You are full of creative ideas. You think up steady streams of ideas and ideas are what helps the world go round. Without the thinkers, we would have doers that are stuck in the ruts of what has always been. The creative types aren’t usually organized, but they think outside the box. Keep dreaming!

You see potential. Even when something isn’t useful, you see what it could be. From a scrap of beautiful fabric to a person struggling to find their own value in life, you see the innate beauty that is in nearly everything.

You carry a light energy. This is calming and energizing to many people. You provide the brightness that pairs well with creative pursuits, like gardening, art, music, and more.

Your strength is in the Third Eye. The sixth chakra is your natural place of strength. You have an inner vision that is not of this world. You often find true clarity and love practicing things, like meditation or yoga, for the spiritual benefits. You feel comfortable in the upper realms.

But not everything is all roses. Every personality will have things that can bring it down or cause a bump in the road. There are some common pitfalls or weaknesses of Type 1 Energy:

You can be brought down by negative energy. Watching the news or hearing from those stuck on the negative can bring your energy low. Watch out for sources that drain your light energy and cause you to disassociate.

You can get stuck on the higher vibration. Some call it having your head in the clouds. Kids tend to have this struggle because they get caught up in their imaginations. The “real world” demands will need you to be down here and plugged in!

Weakest chakra is the root chakra. Feeling hopeless or despondent can lead to struggling because you aren’t as grounded as some of the other energy types. You might feel like a ship at sea, and when the waves get rough, you face a very choppy ride.

You may get scattered or drop balls. Keeping track of things is important for many parts of life. Your personality type can get overwhelmed and lose track of things you want to remember. It is easy to get scattered and feel lost when it comes to any semblance of organization.

How to Ground Your Type 1 Energy

One of the biggest problems you will face with your Energy Type is becoming overly disconnected in your intuitive focus. You will need to find center by balancing your upper chakras with the lower ones. There are some physical things I want you to do, right now, to help find your center through focusing on your root chakras.

  1. March in place: Literally get your feet moving and feel the energy. This will help wake up your physical body, forcing you to focus on the here and now (not the upper chakras).
  2. Jumping: Still moving the body, work into a rhythmic jumping. A small trampoline can be great for this practice, removing much of the impact from your joints.
  3. Mountain pose: Stand tall, arms down, and feet in line with your hips. This grounding pose will help you feel strong and stable. Breathe in deeply and evenly.
  4. Feel roots through toes: As you stand like a mountain, imagine your toes are roots, reaching deep into the earth. Feel the stability and connection to the ground. Lengthen your spine, imagining the back top of your head being pulled upwards. Keep your fingers stretching towards the ground, pressing your shoulders back and down.
  5. Visualize: Imagine a plug that runs through your chakras and connects into the earth. Feel the energy charging through your body in a closed loop. Use the energy current of your effervescent abilities to channel into the ground as an outlet. You will not deplete your energy, but feel it returned to you in a more balanced state.

I want you to keep your possibilities and bright energy, but plug into the here and now. The goal is not to change your being, but to be the most balanced version of self. I hope this practice will help you find your grounding because we need Energy Types like you!

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