“I Feel Stuck!” One Simple Exercise to Free Yourself Up

Every person I know would benefit from doing this one simple thing!

“I feel stuck.”

Have you ever said this? You feel weighed down by life. Like you can’t move forward and things just seem harder than they should be. You’re excited about your future, yet you feel like you are being blocked from getting there!

In my private practice days, when a client came in with these frustrations, I knew exactly what I had to help them with! What they were experiencing was old energy that was hanging around from the original life event we all went through—our births!

Birth energy blocks you from reaching your full potential.

You see, birth leaves an energy imprint of struggle that shows up when we are transitioning or moving toward what we want in life. Think back to your experience of transitioning from the womb to the birth canal to the new world you were in. Even the healthiest of births left an imprint of struggle!

Sure, you don’t have a cognitive memory of that, but your body and personal energy system have a profound memory of that that gets triggered a lot in your day to day experiences.

I would then proceed with my client using a Birth Clearing with using phrases like: “Releasing, letting go of stuck, can’t move forward, can’t move back, stuck in the birth canal, uncertainty about where I am headed, scared, frozen, afraid! Let it all go!”

Just even reading that strikes a chord in you, doesn’t it?

It’s time to let your old birth energy go once and for all.

If you were to ask me what is the one thing I think every human would benefit from clearing in their lives, I would tell you that clearing their birth energy would free them up more powerfully than any other healing resource available.

Let’s start clearing that right now.

Take a deep breath and read the following out loud:

“I am releasing my fear of moving forward, want to move forward, can’t, let it all go, afraid of the future, uncertainty, stuck in the birth canal, got to get out of here, feeling powerless and afraid, let it all go.”

Take a deep breath and with a big exhale, Let. It. Go.

Place your hand on your heart, and repeat the following:

“I am calm, I am ready, I am moving forward with ease, life supports me in moving forward, I am looking forward to the future, I am prepared, I am wanted, I am loved, I am my own unique expression of me, life supports me.

Take a deep breath in and imagine you are being filled with light.

Pause. Notice your whole body and thank you body and thank yourself for the life you have. Focus on, “I am wanted, I am loved, life supports me.”

Well done.

Your birth was unique—here’s how to clear that energy

Along with the general Birth Clearing session I created in the Healing Center, I just recently published 14 Birth Clearing Add-on scripts that cover every variable of birth possible, including:

    • Cesarean section
    • Unplanned, unwanted, illegitimate
    • Drugs, forceps, and induced
    • Breech, posterior
    • And many more…

Did you ever consider that if you were a “breech baby” you may have carried an underlying feeling your entire life that you are in the “wrong place” in life or you have to be corrected by others to know how to move forward?

If you were a forceps-assisted birth, you could have either a great need to have others pull you along to feel confident enough to move forward, or have an exacerbated repulsion to any assistance helping you in life.

Fascinating isn’t it.

I know you will have such great success manifesting as a result of clearing your birth energy that you are going to want to proxy heal all of your children’s births! How do you do that? I teach you that also in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

Imagine how much less struggle and conflict we would experience if everyone cleared their old birth struggle energy.

You can clear yours right now! I am there to help you with the only online Birth Clearing session with 14 variables now included at The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

Have a story of how these clearings benefited you? I’m excited to hear about them. Leave a comment below!

Bless you,

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