How Birth Clearings Can Lead to a Peaceful Birth Experience

A happy, positive birth is possible!

Pregnancy is a beautiful time of excitement and anticipation for both parents, but it can also bring up a lot of worry and fear for the mother. Whether it’s your first pregnancy, or you’re a seasoned momma with a few children already, there’s always an element of the unknown when it comes to birth.

If you have other people’s stories in your head, it’s very possible that you’re scared because you know it will be challenging.

But this isn’t something for you to fear. In fact, challenging doesn’t have to mean horrible or traumatic. Many women feel empowered and strong after their birth experiences, even if they wouldn’t call them “easy.”

We’ve been running an energy of lack, pain, and struggle on the planet for a very long time. For your whole life, you probably heard stories of painful birth experiences and you think that’s the only way it happens. But now things are changing, and a new energy is available to us.

Let’s look into the energetics playing out and see how you can clear the old energy from your own birth, as well as put the new energy into motion for your upcoming birth, so that you and your child have a peaceful experience.

How energy patterns affect labor and delivery experiences

There is an old energy and a new energy. The old energy patterns involve struggle, pain, blame, resentment, and anger. The new energy patterns involve love, grace, abundance, and prosperity for everyone, learning through joy and ease, humility, charity, gratitude, and appreciation.

If you were born prior to the year 2000, you were born into the energy of struggle.

Birth itself left an imprint of pain and struggle. Think about it: the birth process set us up to believe that life is hard and you have to struggle to survive. You come from a spirit existence of light and love as a being of light and love. You must slow down your vibration to acquire a body. You take on all your mother and father’s emotional DNA. You grow and change rapidly until eventually, you have no freedom of motion because the space you’re in is very small and tight.

The transition from the womb to the birth canal also left energy imprints of stuck, struggle, can’t move forward, can’t move back. No way out. Afraid of the future. These old energies still vibrate in us and set us up to create life experiences that honor these beliefs. Many of my Healing Center members say things like, “I feel stuck in my life,” or, “I feel there’s no way out!”

Does this sound like you? Are you someone who has applied healing techniques and the power of affirmations but you feel you still fall short of your potential? Have you learned the tools of the laws of creation and attraction but still trip over patterns of struggle or feel stuck in too often recreating what you do not want?

Consider the possibility that you carry some old energy of struggle from your birth. If someone were to ask me, “What is the one thing every person should do to shift their life from one of struggle to one of affluence?” a birth clearing would be my answer, hands down.

How a birth clearing can free you up from old energy patterns

Over the last 20 years, I have assisted thousands and thousands of people in clearing their birth energy using the Clearing Session for Your Birth Energy. Not only have they been able to clear the energy of struggle from their own birth experiences, but they have also been able to use the clearing on behalf of their children.

The patterns of struggle that manifest between a parent and child can often be traced back to the birth experience of that child. This was true for one of my children. My oldest son’s labor was very difficult. It was slow and required a lot of pushing. He was in a breech position, which represents the energy of “in the wrong position in life.”

Between the difficult labor and the breech energy, his birth energy set us up to continue to recreate this original experience of push/pull. It was a common pattern through his growing years that he would resist my feedback and often take my involvement in his life as trying to control and manipulate him. In his pre-teen years, I recognized that the origin of this energy was his birth.

I was able to clear the energy on his behalf, which then opened the space for me to notice what was going on. Every time we got into our common push/pull experience, I reminded myself that this was an old energy and quickly visualized his birth being smooth and easy. Immediately, the energy would shift to opening up, smoothing out, and cooperation being the outcome.

How to clear the energy for your upcoming birth

After the year 2000, the energy people were born into began to shift to the energy of affluence, ease, and joy. We now live in a time when we can easily and effortlessly clear away the old energies, beliefs, and patterns, and function completely in our new energy.

Using the birth clearings for yourself and for your soon-to-be-born child will help you create a peaceful birth experience. By setting the new energy into motion, your external world will reflect that new energy back to you through your experiences.

One of my Healing Center members, Shauna, shared this amazing story:

Shauna and Baby Healing Center

“Would just like to share a little bit about what doing my work here over the last couple years has meant…I gave natural birth to my beautiful fourth daughter on Friday morning at 6am. Most of the labor was quite easy and effortless. In fact, I slept until about 3:30am when I realized that contractions were starting to get closer and a little more intense so I should start timing.

“I woke my husband and called the midwife, doula, grandparents, and friend who would be looking after the other children. We gathered things and arrived at the birthing center at 5:20 am. I was still breathing calmly through intense contractions and was already 8cm dilated. Our Nova Joy arrived 40 min later at 6am.

“Although birthing was of course not easy or painless, it was filled with ease and joy. This is in contrast to my last three births which all required me being induced at some point along the way with very long (24hr +) labors and preeclampsia with my third. I know without a doubt that doing my own inner child work, birth clearings, chakra balancing, and more here in the Healing Center enabled me to have the best pregnancy I’ve had yet, keep my body more balanced before birth and have a beautiful natural birth.”

You can start a 14-day free trial of The Carol Tuttle Healing Center today and begin to go through all the resources Shauna used.

I’m so excited for you to start your healing journey and co-create the most amazing life you’re dreaming of!

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