How Energy Healing Can Help You Overcome Money Issues

These 3 powerful energy techniques will get you started on attracting more money

You’re either repelling money or attracting it—whether you’re aware of it or not. Your personal energy vibration is constantly sending out a signal that tells money to either flow to you or flow away from you! What can you do about that? I’m going to show you 3 powerful energy healing techniques that will turn on your attraction energy and help you accumulate more money, more easily.

Video Transcript

Want to become a money magnet for more money? Literally more money flowing to you and accumulating in your life? I think everyone would say yes to that. You are either repelling or attracting money based on the way your energy is running.

Unfortunately, more people are repelling money than attracting it. We can see that there are thousands of people that have attracted a lot of money and their money keeps accumulating. There’s a lot of lists to look at from the wealthiest people in the world. They have really powerful attraction abilities for money. You could say they are money magnet masters. They are very, very good at it and money continues to increase for them.

Now if you are in a slump with money and you are at odds with money, you struggle with money, you feel like there is not enough and you would like to have more, there is a good chance your energy, just your energy, the vibration of you, is actually repelling money. What do you do about that?

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3 Money Healing Energy Techniques

So I am going to teach you three energy healing techniques that will actually turn on your attraction factor in your energy system. That is just you walking around every day and the vibration you are putting out in the world. What is the vibration of you saying, signaling to money? You want it to be bringing it in, drawing it towards you.

The people with the most money in the world don’t think about money that often. People with less money actually think about money more often than people with a lot of money because we have to think about where our imbalances are. There is this old, old, old idea that “If I have a lot of money, that’s all I care about.” No, actually, you kind of put it aside and get going with your life because you don’t have to think about it and worry about it and hope it works out because you are taking care of it.

1. The Figure-Eight Technique

This first technique literally trains your energy. Your energy is sending a signal and the signal is either “Go away. I don’t want you,” or “I love you and I want more of you. I invite you and I’m drawing you to me.” That’s the signal you want to send. This is a simple technique. Anyone can do it. It trains our energy to connect with what we want.

I’ve probably taught this to…well, I know tens of thousands of people use it. It’s a formula that they’ve incorporated into a lot of practice in their life. Not just money, because it works so well. You’ll go, “Wow, that was easy and that really works.” It is called the figure-eight technique. It’s a technique that came to me several years ago when I was training my own energy to attract more money. So I realized I had to connect my energy with what I wanted. All you are doing is you are taking…see what I am drawing here? It’s a figure eight on its side like this, loop’s in the middle. You can call it the infinity sign also. You are going to start at your heart and go out, under, up and over. So it’s a sideways figure eight going out for you into the space in front of you.

Now you are holding an intention of what you’re connecting it with is money. The energy of money. Now you can also do it this way, so you are bringing money to you. I kind of like this. It feels a little more, like, attracting what I want to me by going into me. Breathe in. Release. Bring it in. You just do these figure eights and you connect it with money. I am connected with money. Money is aligned with me. Money wants to come to me. Money is a useful tool in my life that I appreciate.

You can do this figure eight anytime you’re in your…When you’re in the lack-thinking around money, you’re repelling money. Anytime you’re worrying about money, you are repelling money. Anytime you are speaking in terms of struggle, you are repelling money. You can catch yourself and go, “Whoa. I’m attracting money now.” Figure eights. Figure eights.

2. The Three Thumps

The next technique, you may not realize it but your energy could be running backwards. What does that mean? You have what is called a meridian system. These are your energy pathways. You are probably familiar with acupuncture and acupressure. That is the practice of stimulating pressure points along the meridian so it gets the energy flowing. Now you could go do some of that but you can also use three different master points to correct a backward flow. This is called the three thumps. I learned this years ago from my friend and energy colleague, Donna Eden. She has magnificent work. I highly recommend it. Using these three acupressure points will correct a backward flow.

What’s happening when your energy is flowing backward, you cannot attract what you want in life. You’ll actually repel it. So if you are in the habit of energetic reverse flow, you’re going to take this technique and use it two to three times a day. Morning, midday and evening. You’re training your energy to create its natural flow. It’s not a habit. It needs to be corrected. Your energy has a habit of running backwards. How do you know it’s running backwards? You’ll feel more fear around money. You’ll feel in a funk. You’ll feel sort of at retreat. A powerlessness of falling, your energy shrinking or falling. In those moments, you want to do this. You want to do the three thumps because that is the moment it is really potent. It is very simple.

The first two points are your K-27s, touch your collarbone, go down and find a tender spot right there. Tap them. Take some deep breaths in. My energy is now running in its proper flow. My energy is now running in its proper flow.This is now right here, the second point. It’s down by your sternum between the breasts just down about an inch and a half. Tapping that is another master point. You should feel a pick-me-up from doing this. The next point on each side of the torso. Put your fingertips right under your armpits and drop them about two to three inches. Those are going to feel tender for most people. You can see where I am hitting right here. I’m even feeling a little tenderness right there. All right. Yeah. You feel that. It gets you going.

Now, here is an added bonus technique. You have your central meridian. It runs from your pubic bone to your bottom lip. This is the grand master of all meridians. You want it to be strong and you want it to hold all of the other meridians in the proper flow. Pretend you have a zipper that runs up the middle of your torso and running it up to your bottom lip is going to strengthen the central meridian, which then sets it. How do you feel? It feels really good.

I have this phenomenal money quiz that you are ready to go take. Answer a few questions and you are going to learn if you are repelling or attracting money. It’s going to give you more clarity on what’s going on for you. Repelling or attracting money. It’s easy to take. It takes next to no time to take the quiz. Get more information. Own your state of being. And then, after you take the quiz, I am going to invite you to take my money master class where I am going to teach you even more powerful techniques that thousands of people have learned from me to shift their experience with money. The master class is free and it’s going to give you more information, hands-on processes to engage your natural healing power to attract more money. It is time to attract money rather than repel it. It is in your life every day. It’s not going away. Let’s make this easy now.

3. Reverse The Energy Spiral

The third technique, I am going to have you close your eyes on this one. I want you to put your attention down at the bottom of your torso in between your legs. Let’s just say the bottom of your tailbone. Okay? And I want you to see, is the energy…if you had to imagine the energy, is it coming up into your body from the earth or is it flushing out like a toilet? When you are running fearful thoughts, worried thoughts, lack thoughts, thoughts of struggle around money, your energy will flush out. It’s like you’ve hit the knob on the toilet and your system goes whoosh and it dumps out a bunch of energy.

You are meant to receive energy in this area of the body. You are meant to be fed energy from the power of the Earth, the life force energy of the planet. If it’s flushing out, you’re losing energy. When you’re losing energy, you lose money. Things show up in your life, crises that cost you money, accidents, cars breaking down, home maintenance, unexpected bills, where you have this experience of the money gets flushed out and it happens repeatedly because your energy is flushing out.

This energy system, it’s actually your root chakra. It’s the base of your torso. You are meant to receive energy and pass it onto the crown chakra. So imagine your energy swirling down like water flushing down, spiraling down in a toilet bowl. I want you to get underneath that and use your superpowers now and I want you to take that flow and spin it the other way. Spin it the other way so now it’s coming up into you. The energy is pulling up into you. You are receiving energy. You are attracting the energy. It’s feeding you. Take three deep, filling breaths and fill your system with this energy. Have it rise up from the bottom of your torso. Take another one. Pull it all the way up to your shoulders. Last one, into your head. Pull it up. Now the energy is moving into you. You are attracting it. It’s filling you. This will support you in attracting money.

When to use that? Especially when you feel like money is getting flushed out and you have no control over it. Stop, notice the toilet bowl flush, and your root chakra energy that it’s getting pushed out too heavily. Go underneath and use your superpowers and turn the energy the other way to fill you.

These are amazing techniques. Did you know that just your vibratory state was affecting whether you were repelling or attracting money? Go take the money quiz. It’s going to give you more insights and ah-ha’s and you are going to be eligible to take my master class, which is going to give you more tools and more power to shift this thing.

Did this video help you? What did you learn today? Share in a comment. If you have a question, what are your money issues for you right now? I’m sure I can help you. I’ve got so many answers, techniques, and strategies that work, that go beyond sort of the norm. I have to say, it’s not your norm. Yes, you do need to take action because part of the money experience is the function of doing certain things. If you switch your energy, turn it on, and get it working for you, then all the effort you apply in your experience of creating money with the physical effort you put out, whether it is a job, the physical strategies you employ, now they can work for you. Now you can get the benefit multiplied with what you’re doing to create more money.

Thanks for sharing this with someone who is really struggling with money right now. Remember, alignment of chakras are not only for the money but for health as well among other things. Like the video and subscribe so I can keep helping you.

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