How Energy Healing Can Help You Overcome Money Issues

These 3 powerful energy techniques will get you started on attracting more money

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re either repelling money or attracting it. Your personal energy vibration is constantly sending out a signal that tells money to either flow to you or flow away from you! What can you do about that? I’m going to show you 3 powerful energy healing techniques that will turn on your attraction energy and help you accumulate more money more easily.

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1. The Figure-Eight Technique

The Figure-Eight Technique is a simple yet potent practice that trains your energy to align with the frequency of money. By visualizing a sideways figure-eight motion, or infinity sign, and connecting it with the intention of abundance, you signal your openness to receive wealth.

This technique, popularized by its effectiveness, has been embraced by thousands seeking to manifest their desires. By incorporating figure eights into your daily routine, especially during moments of lack of thinking or worry about money, you can effortlessly reprogram your energy to attract abundance.

2. The Three Thumps

Energy flow plays a crucial role in determining our ability to attract wealth. When our energy is stagnant or flowing backward, it impedes the manifestation of our desires. The Three Thumps technique, inspired by the wisdom of energy expert Donna Eden, focuses on stimulating key acupressure points to correct the flow of energy.

By tapping into these master points—K-27s, sternum point, and underarm points—you can realign your energy system and create a natural flow conducive to abundance. This practice, when incorporated into your daily routine, can counteract energetic reverse flow and empower you to attract wealth effortlessly.

3. Reverse The Energy Spiral

The third technique involves reversing the energy spiral to harness the natural flow of abundance. By visualizing the energy rising from the base of your torso, rather than flushing out like a toilet, you can reclaim your power to attract wealth. This technique, rooted in the principles of chakra alignment, restores your energetic balance and empowers you to receive the abundance you deserve.

These transformative techniques are not just about attracting money; they’re about embodying a state of abundance in every aspect of your life. By aligning your energy with the frequency of wealth, you open yourself to endless possibilities and opportunities for prosperity.

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