How Knowing Your Money Type Can Help Get You Rich

Why the energy of money wants to align with your true energy

Money troubles. You can’t seem to get ahead of them!

Why do some people have great success with money—while others struggle each month to save a little, or even just to have enough to pay all their bills?

In the Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I offer a lot of incredible resources to help you get to the root of your money issues. But sometimes, members go through these resources and still don’t experience shifts or breakthroughs.

One member reached out about this. She shared:

“I’m having lots of money troubles, feeling like there’s not enough and I’m not worthy. I keep repeating the same patterns over and over. I can’t get out of this loop.”

She even went through my 30-Day Money Cure but was still feeling stuck. Understandably, she was frustrated. It can make you question everything! Is something wrong with you? Does this stuff even work? Why can’t you get to the bottom of it?

I tuned into the problem right away: she had mis-Typed herself.

If you’re going through any of the money healing courses, especially the 30-Day Money Cure, but you don’t know your correct Type, it’s not going to have the same effect!

So first things first, I highly recommend you revisit the free Beginner’s Guide here and make sure you’ve accurately assessed yourself. Once you’ve done that, look into the Money Profiles I teach in the 30-Day Money Cure. Let’s review them quickly here.

I’ll tell you what they are, why they’re important, and how you can use them to create more money and happiness!

The 4 Money Profiles: Why They Can Help You Get Rich

Type 1: The Free Flow-er

Type 1 energy is light, open, upward, random, and fresh.

It’s important for you that life feels fun! As you can imagine, when money feels too heavy or serious, it’s less fun than ever. So you look for quick fixes and try to be more responsible, more serious, keep to a strict budget, and track everything. But that’s not fun! More importantly, it doesn’t improve anything—it has the opposite effect!

In fact, you’ll get into a deep funk to the point where you don’t want to deal with money anymore.

Type 1 tips to help you get rich:

Money has to be a fun and light experience! If money doesn’t have that energy, it’s not going to jive with yours.

Allow yourself to have a “splurge” part of your budget where you can be spontaneous and random. Even this simple shift will help you get rid of old programming about what money “should” be. You get to insert your own beliefs and project new energy onto money. In the 30-Day Money Cure, I teach you how to do this in a way that won’t become unhealthy or dysfunctional.

Once you align your energy onto money, you’ll begin to flow and accumulate more.

Type 2: The Nest Egg-er

Type 2 energy is soft, sensitive, calming, downward, and flowing.

It’s important for you that life feels comfortable. Because of this, Type 2 people tend to think a lot about the “what-ifs” and “just in case” scenarios. But this can lead them to worry about every purchase they make and hoard money. Unfortunately, penny-pinching stops your natural energy of flowing and instead creates constriction! Not what you want.

Type 2 tips to help you get rich:

Money has to be a calm and reassuring experience for you. If money doesn’t have that energy, it’s not going to connect with yours.

Allow yourself to talk about money. This might feel uncomfortable because most people were raised to not talk about money. But shutting down these conversations also shuts down the energy and flow. When that happens, you’ll have more to worry about! So get in the habit of having conversations with your spouse or friends about money so that you can put your own comfortable energy into it.

Another tip: allow yourself to get into all the nitty-gritty details about money. As a Type 2, you’re great with details and planning! Take advantage of it. Budgeting can be a methodical, consistent experience for you when you relax into what comes naturally for you!

Type 3: The Builder

Type 3 energy is swift, active, reactive, determined, and dynamic.

It’s important for you that life feels productive and substantial. Type 3 people find a lot of satisfaction with money because it’s something they can grow and get results with. They’re driven by the potential of money; they see it as evidence of success. But a big disadvantage is that they can get derailed by the idea of money and make decisions too quickly, without thinking things through. What follows is a feast-and-famine pattern that causes people to forget about their purpose and mission of serving others as they become fixated on numbers.

Type 3 tips to help you get rich:

Money has to be a satisfying, growing experience for you. If money doesn’t have that energy, it’s not going to match yours.

Allow yourself to create big results with your money. It’s just what you do! Just make sure you do it with balance. Meaning, you can make decisions for the goal of making money and for the goal of helping others. It doesn’t have to be either/or. Money asks us to be balanced and for it to be part of an equitable exchange. You want both receiving parties to be blessed with value in the exchange. As a Type 3, I know you’re going to thrive in this challenge!

Type 4: The Analyzer

Type 4 energy is bold, efficient, precise, structured, and deliberate.

It’s important for you that life feels intellectually stimulating. Type 4 people love to get analytical about money and put a lot of thought into where their money goes. They know where every penny is. They usually have an all-or-nothing attitude about money, so it’s important to have a positive mental and emotional experience with money—otherwise, you’ll end up in one of two categories: the “all” end of the spectrum where you control and get possessive of every penny, or the “nothing” end of the spectrum where you’ll check out because it’s too stressful.

Type 4 tips to help you get rich:

Money has to be a balanced and accomplished experience for you. If money doesn’t have that energy, it’s not going to align with yours.

Allow yourself to enjoy high standards and high-quality items without becoming too possessive about either. You’re naturally good at learning about investments and enjoying the mastery of systems, like budgeting and accounting. Make sure you find the balance of the enjoyment you receive as money is returned multiplied to you, while also not controlling it all.

Let’s take these Money Profiles even further together.

Discover ways you can maximize your own Money Profile, whether by yourself or with your partner or spouse! It’s really important for you to understand your own energy so you can project that energy onto money and have an affluent experience with it. You’ll surprise yourself as money flows and accumulates the more you honor your own energy and purpose on this earth.

On May 17th, I’m leading the Healing Center members through a guided experience of the 30-Day Money Cure. For the first time ever, I have added the 30-Day Money Cure as part of the Healing Center courses! All you have to do is become a member, and you can join us for this powerful group experience.

Join the 30-Day Money Cure today!

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