4 Ways to Connect With Your Family After a Long Summer

Tired of feeling frustrated with your family? How to reconnect.

You were excited for the summer to begin, but now you may be ready for it to end!

Summer can bring longer days and a more fluid schedule that leaves everyone feeling disconnected and out of sorts.

You want to feel connected with everyone again before the school routine picks back up. When my children were still young, I made a point to prioritize family time so we could come back together to bond and become a stronger family unit.

Here are 4 ways you can connect again with your family at the end of a busy summer:

1. Eat together at a sit-down meal at least three times a week.

More often is even better. With busy schedules, family members can end up just communicating logistics—who is going where and when? But a sit-down meal provides an opportunity for everyone to slow down, reconnect, and just enjoy one another’s company.

2. Have a family activity once a week.

It can be anything: cleaning up the yard, going to the movies, reading a book together, watching old family videos, or doing something for someone else.

You can even try activities that different members of the family like to do. Family activities give you the chance to try new things and share experiences.

3. Hug your children every day.

Better yet, tuck them into bed, no matter what age they are. Your daily gestures of kindness and attention are important, informal ways to improve family life. And as the years go by, these gestures will matter more than you realize now.

4. Let your children witness often how much you love and respect their mom or dad.

The best ways to improve family life always start with you. Children are aware of the emotional atmosphere in their home. When that atmosphere is filled with love and respect between adults, children feel safe and they have a positive model for how they can treat others as they grow up.

In The Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center, I teach you clearing sessions and energy techniques to help you clear old, stuck energy to help you remain present, loving, and happy.

This success story from one of my Healing Center clients shows this to be true:

“I was getting frustrated in my relationships with my husband and children. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tired, and frustrated with not knowing what to do, I started just doing figure 8’s to my husband and each of my children. After I started doing figure 8’s for a few days, I was on Facebook, looking at my “memories” from about 8 years ago, and I noticed from one of the posts that I made, I was repeating a pattern in my relationships. When I noticed this, I bought the “I Am Connected” healing oil. It has only been a few days since using the oil and I can already see a difference. Between doing figure 8’s, using the oil blend, and daily clearings, I am now enjoying my time with my family and feel a stronger connection to them.” -Jennifer

You have the ability to shift family patterns.

If you have a story of how you’ve helped your family become closer, please share it in a comment below. I would love to hear about your experience.

If you would like to improve the dynamics in your current family life, join The Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center today. I will teach you the tools you need to heal the issues in your life that are keeping you unhappy. I look forward to seeing you there.

Bless you,

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