How to Do An Energy Cleanse of Any Space in Your Home or Life

(Plus, how to even know when and where you need it!)

Is there an area in your home or a space in your life that needs an energy cleanse?

Do certain places feel heavier, do arguments frequently happen, or does stuff keep breaking down?

These are just a few ways stuck energy shows up in physical spaces. But it’s only just the beginning…

How to clear negative energy in your space

Each month, I have a Live Coaching Call for all the members of The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. And we just had our June call a few days ago!

In this call, I taught several insights about giving someone’s energetic baggage back after they leave your home, using the Figure 8 technique to create more harmony and flow between people or places, as well as how Energy Sketching can be a powerful tool to cleanse old energy and reset new energy.

I also answered questions from several members of the Healing Center about situations where energy gets stuck, whether it’s in your whole home, a small area like a junk drawer, or how to handle energy in your workplace cubicle.

One question, in particular, was one I want to highlight:

“I need help with my kitchen. There are always dirty dishes in my sink. I do all the cooking, and I don’t think I should do all the cleaning too. I know there’s energy blocked about the dishes. Help!”

Consider the possibility that it’s not the dirty dishes—it’s about you resenting the fact that you’re doing both.

Sometimes we think stuck energy shows up in a physical representation, like dirty dishes. But the energy stuck is actually within you! Let’s talk about how to get to the bottom of it and break that pattern.

When stuck energy in your home traces back to you

Feeling resentful about anything is an energy pattern that traces back to childhood. Look back on your childhood story. Were you always the one picking up the pieces, stepping in, covering for others, or doing more than your fair share?

If it’s hard remembering, simply ask yourself, “What did I have to do as a child that I’m still resentful for?”

I’m sure a memory or two will come to mind.

As a child, you probably didn’t have a supportive atmosphere where you were able to assert yourself or speak your mind. Energy did in fact get stuck—in your throat chakra and power center.

As an adult, you’re staging an opportunity to run the feeling of resentment, again and again. In this instance, it shows up with the dirty dishes. Because you still have stuck energy in your throat and power center, you’re not communicating your needs.

2 ways to clear and heal the stuck energy

Healing this particular issue comes in two steps:

1. Clear the energy
2. Change the story

1. Do these two healing sessions.

You’ll be amazed at how the energy shifts within you. Immediately and over time, you’ll notice a big difference in how well you speak up and in how you stand up for yourself. It won’t come from a place of anger or resentment. It will come from a place of ease and strength within you, and it will show up with firm grace.

2. Set up a new system

As you clear the energy, you have to be proactive in changing the story. You’ve been in the habit of an old energy, but now is a fresh, open opportunity to create something brand new.

Who do you live with? Is it a spouse, children, roommate, etc?

Communicate with them and set up a system. While I had children at home, we had a chore board. It came with their names, magnets, and each week we rotated chores. If there was ever an issue, I would always say, “I’m not telling you to do it, the Chore Board is telling you to do it!”

This brought a lighthearted approach to the family. The kids were free to trade chores if they wanted. It allowed them to communicate and problem-solve together.

I also highly recommend Energy Sketching about this entire experience. Sketch out what you want to create among family members. How do you want chore time to go each day? How do you want the house to feel? Do you want it to be a peaceful time, or a fun time with music playing? Get creative—it’s your world!

Discover more ways to clear energy in your home and life

This was just one of the powerful insights we covered on the live coaching call. Want to see even more? Watch the replay here.

You get access to this Coaching Call (and all the other calls we’ve done in the past) when you’re a member of the Healing Center. If you haven’t joined us yet, you can start your 14-day free trial right now.

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