How to Find the Hidden Blessings from 2020

What a year it's been. Here's how to find the good.

It’s been a tough year for you.

Life has changed in many unexpected ways. We experienced shutdowns, quarantines, a pandemic, heightened political tension, and natural disasters.

Needless to say, the challenges have been plentiful.

But what about the positives? Is it even possible for this year to have a silver lining? Let’s find out together.

I reached out to my community and asked them: What have been your silver linings of 2020? What’s better in your life? What have you learned? What are you taking with you into your future?

The ways in which their lives have changed through one of the toughest years we’ve ever known was inspiring. Let’s see what they said!

Shutdowns & quarantines

You remember the stress that came when your state when into shutdown mode. It was a huge adjustment! Jobs were affected, there was a shortage of toilet paper, and anytime you left your home, you felt fearful.

And while the shift felt jolting for many, it gave us all extra time at home. People were given the pause they needed to slow down and address certain things they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Here are some of my favorite silver linings that came from being at home more:

  • Time to organize and declutter
  • Tending to a garden on a regular basis
  • Meals together as a family, especially in the mornings
  • Family gratitude practices with a journal
  • Game nights and conversations together
  • Eating and cooking healthier food—not as much dining out!
  • Hiking and checking out new trails
  • Better finances and budgeting
  • Exploring local and state parks
  • Becoming more consistent with a home workout

Lisa shares: “As a Type 2, I didn’t even realize how much I needed things to slow down until it happened. Although I have been required to keep going into work as an essential worker, other obligations no longer needed to be met and it was a relief! I do miss seeing family and friends and this has caused me to be reminded to never take those relationships for granted. I have had more time for me and my marriage has strengthened with all our time together.

Homeschooling, distance learning, and remote work

You probably weren’t planning on homeschooling this year, with your spouse working out of a makeshift office upstairs, were you?

But for many families, this is exactly what happened!

Virtual and distance learning can be stressful for parents, teachers, and children alike. But like you, families made the best of it! Some of them even decided to officially homeschool instead of participating in virtual methods.

Here are some common silver linings that came from bringing work and school to the home:

  • Lunch breaks as a family
  • Seeing firsthand the hard work and dedication of your spouse
  • Gaining a better understanding of how your child learns
  • Becoming closer as a family unit
  • Less time commuting, both for work and carpools
  • Fewer business trips and time away from home
  • Better relationships between siblings
  • Fewer after-school and extracurricular activities
  • Realizing that you’re capable of homeschooling, when before you doubted yourself!

Melissa shares: “Never in my life would I have chosen homeschooling with 7 children 8 and under, but this year has proved to me I’m capable beyond what I’ve limited myself to. I’ve grown in physical and emotional capacity, grown closer with my children and husband, and I feel like my children are thriving in our schooling environment.”

Personal growth and healing

When life slows down, and so much is “taken away” from our typical routines, we no longer have distractions keeping us from doing the inner work.

As a result, countless members of my community experienced deep emotional and physical healing this year.

Here are some of the beautiful blessings that came from focusing on healing and personal growth:

  • Weight loss that’s not only felt easy, but also stayed away!
  • More time to read books
  • Marriages that became stronger instead of ending in divorce
  • Fewer social connections, but more meaningful friendships
  • Clarity and perspective on who you are as a person
  • Taking control of your mind and creating an affirmative mindset
  • Being more at peace letting things go and saying “no”
  • Learning how to love and respect even in heightened emotional times
  • Becoming accustomed to a baseline of calm instead of one of stress

Michelle shares: “Deeper, more meaningful, grounded relationships. They lack the dramatic ups and downs that cycled through years 2018-2019. A deeper sense of inner knowing. A peaceful knowledge that everything will always be okay. What an amazing thing to say. Right? In the year 2020! I have the healing center to thank for that! ❤️

2020 doesn’t have to be the year you erase from memory.

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth. As a follower of my work, I know how dedicated you are to improving your life. I invite you to end 2020 strong and join The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. Continue on the healing path of creating a life of affluence, ease, and joy—no matter what’s going on around us.

Bless you,

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