How to Get These Energy Centers Working for Your Type 3 Energy

Keep your chakras in balance and have a life full of passion!

The world is based on the flow of energy and every person has his or her own Energy Type. While each of us is an individual with our own approach to the world, we have certain things in common with others around us. We can break the energy of people into four Energy Personality Types that explains a lot about our different strengths and weaknesses.

I want to share with you my knowledge of these Energy Types and how to get your energy centers working at their optimum levels. Understanding our own approach to the world around us and how we access energy will help us live to our fullest potential. This post is dedicated to Type 3.

What is Energy Type 3?

If you are Type 3, then you are naturally powerful and a doer. You are a force to be reckoned with. When you see something that needs to be done, you take action and stay the course until it’s accomplished. You move dynamically and with intense passion. If you are Type 3, you probably:

  • Have an “I can do it” mentality
  • Approach things as a driving force
  • Act before you think in some cases
  • Have a glass half empty perspective of many things
  • React quickly when you see a problem or need
  • Care about things with a great passion
  • Like to have things in place and take pride in quality over quantity
  • Strong in the power chakra (lower chakra dominant)

Your personality type naturally turns to action, pushing towards your goals. You want to make things better around you, so you look for the most efficient ways to get things done. You are a natural leader, though others may get exhausted with your work ethic. I want to help you harness your power to get your energy centers working in unison! Keep reading for some very helpful tips and observations I have for Type 3 Energy people like you.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Type 3

There are pros and cons to every type of personality. Things that are strengths for you can also cause weaknesses. Understanding these common strengths and weaknesses for a Type 3 personality will help you find balance and avoid pitfalls. We need leaders and action-based people like you helping the world keep moving!

The strengths of a Type 3 Energy are:

  • The energy is something others look up to. Those around you are drawn to your energy, like moths to a flame. Your power and drive is something that others fall in line to follow.
  • You see the potential in people. Sometimes you notice more flaws than good parts of people, but you also see what they can become. You often push people to do more if they let you.
  • You see what needs to be done. You see the jobs and tasks and you quickly form plans to get them done. You typically don’t contemplate long about the possibilities of failure, you envision what success looks like and how you can reach it.
  • You have a plan. Even when no one knows what to do, you always have a plan of action. You see the next step clearly and don’t get stuck worrying about the “what ifs” or hypotheticals.
  • You carry a fiery energy. Your passion is usually because you care deeply about the things and people around you. Your drive is ideal as a nurse, CEO, athlete, activist, or politician.
  • Your strength is in your Power center. Your third chakra is where you draw energy and strength. You are successful at what you do because of your natural drive and how you channel energy into your root chakra. You gain balanced energy by being active and productive.
  • But not everything can be solved by brute force. Every personality faces roadblocks and there are some common issues that plague Type 3 Energy personalities:
  • Others misunderstand you. You can sometimes be seen as demanding, uncaring, and pushy. While your motives are usually pure, others may feel you selfishly push for your own way or don’t care about those you step on.
  • You can get stuck in overdrive: You love action and accomplishment but can get caught pushing too hard for too long. Getting stuck in overdrive will leave you feeling spread thin and highly irritable. You will start to begrudge others that aren’t pulling the weight you expect from them.
  • You are not flexible. You have standards and schedules that you don’t like to change. You may find it hard to adjust to those around you when they don’t have similar routines. Others (especially Type 1 and 2) will find you rigid and too regimented.
  • Weakest chakra is your heart center: Without meaning to, you can shift your center to the power chakra instead of the heart. When this happens, you may not be receptive to feelings and perspectives around you.
  • You can shift to underdrive. You are miserable in an underdrive state, but sometimes being in overdrive too long can force you to make a change. Here you let things go that are important to you and may turn to overeating, sedentary behavior, and depression.

How to Center Your Type 3 Energy

I love your power and push! We need people like you in the world, taking charge and getting things done! But I don’t want you to be judged as being pushy or your energy is seen as pushiness. You care about the things around you and tapping into the true energy of your heart will help you balance your energies so you can get the full benefit of who you are.

You draw immense power from your 3rd chakra as you find inspiration from your Sacral Chakra (2nd chakra) and act through your root chakra. But this leaves you lower chakra dominant (LCD) and one of your biggest problems is ignoring your heart center. The heart is often seen as a weaker chakra, but there is true power there that you need to use to balance your power chakra. I want you to stop and do this exercise to shift your energy center:

Find a place to focus: Sit in a calm place with legs crossed, feeling grounded through your root chakra. Close your eyes and place one hand on the heart center and one hand on the solar plexus (your power chakra). Inhale and exhale, feeling these centers and preparing them for action.

Envision your energy level: Visualize the powerful engine in your 3rd chakra. You are in overdrive in your racecar, almost out of control with power. You are doing your best to manage it. Visualize the process of slowing that car down—so slow that you are not even getting the benefit of power. You feel sluggish and miserable. Continue to speed and slow the racecar you are driving in your vision.

Physically connect your heart and power chakras together: Switch your hands back and forth, physically starting to hook up these energy centers. You need to find the balanced speed that feels right with the heart chakra—the right speed for control and effectiveness.

Connect your balanced chakras to a mantra: “I am using my power in a heartfelt manner to make a difference in the world. I am using my power in a heartfelt manner to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Whenever you feel the overdrive or underdrive start to take over, stop to connect your power chakra to your heart chakra. By connecting to the universe through your heart, you can harness your power to produce energy that is beneficial to yourself as well as those around you.

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