Why The Chakras Are Important For Healing

Use your chakra energy system with the Law Of Attraction to create a life of abundance

The chakras are part of an ancient belief system that recognizes the power of life-force energy that flows throughout the body.

If you feel “off” but can’t pinpoint why, perhaps your chakras are out of balance.

Any blockage in the seven chakras can cause physical and emotional manifestations across the body. However, you have the personal power to heal yourself from within by clearing your chakra energy centers and keeping them balanced and vibrating with full life-force energy.

Let’s take a closer look at the concept of chakra healing and how it can positively impact your physical wellness, emotional stability, and spiritual potential.

What Is Chakra Healing?

Chakra healing is a method of energy awareness and active healing, which restores vitality to the physical body. Through chakra healing, someone who is feeling weak, depressed, angry, tired, and limited by physical ailments can take a positive step to re-energize and heal themselves.

Properties of Balanced Chakras

To imagine someone with balanced chakras, picture a person with body-wide energy flow who moves with ease through their world. They seem to naturally smile and shine from the inside out, and they speak and make decisions with confidence. Nothing holds them back.

This person has no chakra blockages or closed-off areas. No single chakra is more or less open than another, no chakra is spinning faster or slower than another or more or less active because they are all humming along in perfect harmony.

In this balanced state, each of the chakras remains open to the degree needed to support personal well-being. As a person, you will not feel either too wide open or clamped down too tight.

Instead, you experience the joy of feeling positive, healthy, calm, and ready to handle anything the world throws at you.

Manifestations of Balanced and Imbalanced Chakras in the Body

Now let’s look at the difference between a balanced and imbalanced state of the chakras and how this manifests across the body. First, we’ll examine the state of chakra balance, then we’ll compare it to the state of imbalance.

Balanced Chakras

A body with balanced chakras feels solid and stable, grounded to the earth through the Root Chakra, or First Chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. There is a feeling of security and ease with yourself, and you are in touch with your own body and feelings.

You are confident in your own sexuality and creativity. This feeling comes from the Second Chakra, or Sacral Chakra, which is intimately connected to sexual feelings. When it is unblocked and in balance, you are easily able to express your wants and desires without going too far and simply commanding others.

In this state, you are not easily overpowered by your own emotions and have a sense of free-flowing control over your life. This comes from the Third Chakra, which is the foundation of confidence, wisdom, and gut feelings.

You also have an open Heart Chakra, or Fourth Chakra, which gives you a loving and compassionate approach to life. With chakras in balance, your Heart Chakra helps you have deeply satisfying, healthy and loving relationships. You also feel connected to animals and natural events.

Through your Fifth Chakra, which is the Throat Chakra, you are able to fully express yourself and speak your truth to others without fear. When others speak, you can easily listen and comprehend. This leads to an overall demeanor of easygoing sharing and flexible back-and-forth creative expression.

The Third Eye Chakra, the Sixth Chakra, provides insight and intuition that infuses your life with wisdom. When a question arises, you use your intellect to make smart decisions with a higher purpose in mind.

Through your Seventh Chakra, which is the Crown Chakra right at the top of the head, you form a deep-rooted personal connection with the Divine. With all chakras in balance and an open Crown Chakra, you are open to the most mysterious and energizing secrets of the universe.

Imbalanced Chakras

Now let’s explore what happens when the chakras are out of balance. Imbalances come in many forms but are all related to a lack or overabundance of energy: overactivity, underactivity, disconnection, overstimulation, absence or even extreme dominance that shakes up your life.

An overactive Root Chakra causes anxiety and will leave you feeling jittery in normal daily situations. It’s like having someone shouting, “Watch out!” even when there’s nothing to fear. On the other hand, if your Root Chakra is underactive, you’ll feel unable to focus.

For the Sacral Chakra, an underactive state creates a lack of sexual awareness and an inability to feel true pleasure in creative expressions. But if this chakra is overstimulated, you may exhibit inappropriate sexual behavior and feel insatiable in your pursuit of worldly pleasures.

An overactive Solar Plexus Chakra affects your temper and makes you quick to anger and make biting comments to others. But an underactive Solar Plexus Chakra can be just as destructive because it leaves you needy and codependent on others for your own identity.

Beware the imbalanced Heart Chakra because it can affect everything from your interpersonal relationships to your cardiovascular health. Overstimulated, it can allow you to put others’ needs far ahead of your own and do foolish things in the name of love. Understimulated, it can make you feel lonely, depressed and unable to love yourself.

A Throat Chakra with too much stimulation turns you into a braggy, bossy person who interrupts others. But if it is understimulated, you’ll find it difficult to express yourself and may feel tongue-tied when it’s time to share your opinions and emotions with others.

An overactive Third Eye Chakra leads to dangerous assumptions and can even cause an obsession with the paranormal or psychic predictions. However, an underactive Third Eye Chakra takes you into territory that is also dangerous because it leads to foolish choices due to a lack of access to your own inner wisdom.

In the chakra system, the Crown Chakra can never be too overstimulated because it is the seat of universal energy and is by its nature infinite. An underactive Crown Chakra is simply the state of being human and always seeking a deeper connection with the Divine.

Heavier Upper Chakras

Sometimes, there is an imbalance where the upper chakras are heavier, or more overactive, compared to the lower chakras. In this state, your Root and Sacral chakras can’t provide you with the grounding and personal power you need to feel tethered to the world. You may find yourself daydreaming and spacing out, unable to focus.

Heavier Lower Chakras

When your lower chakras are dominating your life-force energy, you may experience writer’s block or an inability to experience moments of creative insight. If you need to accomplish something that requires ambition or foresight, you may feel unable to muster the vision it takes.

Heavy lower chakras are particularly burdensome because they interfere with your Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Throat Chakra and prevent you from maintaining a strong connection to the Divine and your inner wisdom. This can lead to feelings of spiritual loneliness, overtly sexual behavior, overbearing outspokenness and even a heavy, plodding walk that gives the impression of being weighed down.

Why Heal the Chakras?

Chakra balancing brings more than a peaceful state of mind or positive self-esteem. They affect your body-wide energy and prevent you from experiencing full physical wellness and electric flow of energy within the human body. During an imbalance, you are much more likely to have illnesses, pains, discomforts, and symptoms that hold your body back from optimal functioning.

Benefits of Balanced Chakras

Balancing your chakras sets the stage for improved overall health and an ability to heal from any illness or injury much faster. You’ll not only feel physically healed, but you’ll find your emotions feel healthier, and it’s easier to thrive spiritually.

Deep sleep is easier to accomplish when your chakras are in balance. You’re less prone to nightmares and other sleep disturbances, and this helps you rest deeply and feel more energized in your waking life.

People with balanced chakras have better awareness, concentration, and the ability to remember things. They feel creative and resourceful because they have nimble thinking and keen insight. They’re also more open to new experiences and can maintain a more positive outlook on life.

Have you ever struggled to feel a sense of self-worth? Do you lack patience and self-confidence in making daily decisions? If so, it’s time to check in with your chakras.

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Ways to Heal Your Chakras

Now let’s take the path toward healing your chakras and improving your health and mental outlook. Here are some reliable methods for restoring healing energy and chakra balance:


Chakra healing meditation is a spiritual practice that focuses your awareness on the energy flow throughout your body. To begin meditation, first find a quiet spot away from the bustle of daily life.

Now breathe deeply and bring yourself to a state of pure awareness. Notice your thoughts and feelings, which throb and move throughout your body. Many people find this process easier with guided meditation, in which an expert helps you navigate the experience.

I offer an easy way to get the most out of chakra meditation in this video.


Affirmations are positive statements that promote a restorative connection between your mind, body, and spirit to clear negative energy. For healing, focus on affirmations about well-being, such as: “I am whole and complete.”


Massage loosens blocked energy and restores flow through your body’s channels. In fact, massage can be a great first step in chakra healing because it supports meditation and other forms of healing.

Color Association

Each of the seven main chakras is associated with a color. For more on this topic, explore my article What are the Chakra Colors and Their Meanings?


Music is an important part of chakra healing because it creates vibrations you can use to open and restore energy flow.

Chakra Stones

With chakra stones and healing crystals, you can welcome the energy from deep within the earth to soothe and unblock your clogged channels in the body. I recommend reading How Chakra Stones Can Empower Your Life (And How To Use Them).


Yoga is one of the classic ways to open your body to self-expression and restore balance throughout the chakras. Focus on a particular area of the body or progress through a full series of movements to bring balance to your entire chakra energy system.

Essential Oils

Invite balance through the sense of smell with essential oils. To learn more about the exact oils you’ll need for chakra healing, please read Activate Your Chakras With Essential Oils.

Professional Energy Healers

When in doubt, consult a professional reiki healer. Energy healers specialize in helping people clear blockages and restore their natural balance across the chakras.

Final Thoughts on Healing the Chakras

Here’s a final word about chakra healing: It’s not a “one and done” approach. It must become part of your everyday self-care routine. Chakra healing helps you maintain lifelong health and energy flow from the top of your Crown Chakra down deep into your Root Chakra and beyond.

In life, we constantly face challenges that threaten to weigh us down and break our spirits. We must remain vigilant in healing our chakras so that the pain of our past cannot hold us back.

The practices we’ve shared in this article are simple, but they can make a huge contribution to your lifelong well-being.

It’s time for you to find out which of your chakras are open, weak, or closed.

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