How to Go From Feeling Flawed to Feeling Fabulous – Take My Quiz!

There's a world of beauty beyond all the body shaming.

When it comes to body image insecurities, every woman has one. They keep it quiet like a secret they would never want anyone to know about.

Does this sound like you?

Over my lifetime, I’ve had many! I’ll tell you about one. I used to be very self-conscious about the fact that I wore compression socks. I was embarrassed by them because I thought they weren’t cool.

But now, I wear them confidently and don’t try to hide them anymore! I no longer worry about what others will think of me. In fact, they can think whatever they want — I’m happy taking care of my body. I’m grateful for being able to do so much and get so much done, thanks to my healthy feet!

That’s why I created this quiz for you. I want you to BE FREE from feeling self-conscious about your body. The first step is to get honest about what those issues are.

Below, you’ll see a 7-question quiz. Choose the answer that best fits your situation, and keep track of your answers. I’ll tell you what they mean at the end.

Take The Quiz: Discover Your Body Image Challenges

  1. How often do you engage in negative self-talk about your body?
    • A) Never
    • B) Occasionally
    • C) Frequently
    • D) Constantly
  2. Do you avoid social situations or events because of your appearance?
    • A) Never
    • B) Occasionally
    • C) Frequently
    • D) Constantly
  3. How would you describe your feelings after seeing images of models or celebrities on social media or in magazines?
    • A) Inspired
    • B) Neutral
    • C) Envious
    • D) Inadequate
  4. How do you react to compliments about your appearance?
    • A) Accept them graciously
    • B) Feel neutral
    • C) Dismiss or downplay them
    • D) Feel uncomfortable or unworthy
  5. How do you feel about your body in comparison to others around you?
    • A) Content
    • B) Neutral
    • C) Envious
    • D) Dissatisfied
  6. Are there specific body parts or features you consistently focus on and dislike about yourself?
    • A) Never
    • B) Occasionally
    • C) Frequently
    • D) Constantly
  7. Do you avoid activities (e.g., swimming, exercising) due to concerns about how your body looks?
    • A) Never
    • B) Occasionally
    • C) Frequently
    • D) Constantly

Great job. Let’s look at your answers and see what they mean!

If you answered…

Mostly A’s: Incredible! You’re ready for some next-level inner work, where you can dive deeper into self-love. Imagine what it would feel like to be overflowing with that love…

Mostly B’s: You’re in a good place! It sounds like you could use a little extra support cleaning out any blocks that are keeping you from feeling 100% confident about yourself.

Mostly C’s: I’m sensing some body image dissatisfaction. Don’t worry—you’re not alone. It’s absolutely possible to shift out of this; I’m living proof. But we have to work quickly!

Mostly D’s: I’ll be honest with you, it breaks my heart to know there are women out there choosing these answers. Women like you miss out on so much depth and richness of life because the insecurities affect your lifestyle, your self-esteem, and your relationships with others.

It is time to go from feeling flawed to feeling fabulous—every single day of your life!

On March 18th, I’m guiding all of the Healing Center members through my two-week course, Glow-Up: Self-Image Transformation

I want you to join us all!

In this course, you will powerfully rewire your brain:

  • enjoy and accept your body with loving beliefs
  • have positive self-talk about your self-image
  • feel confident in who you are and how you look
  • freely celebrate yourself and other women

This course was born after years (decades, honestly) of body shaming myself.

Since so many other women struggle with body image issues, I created something to help them heal past this.

If you struggle with ANY of the following:

  • Negative beliefs that your body is flawed
  • Lack of confidence in your own self-image
  • Shame regarding your body and appearance
  • Comparison when you look at other women

…then this course is meant for you.

Join me for this course, and I promise you will notice immediate changes, starting from Day 1. 

At the end of these two weeks, you won’t even be the same person.

I truly can’t wait to see how much you transform.

Find out what’s keeping you stuck


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