How To Help A Loved One Who Won’t Seek Help On Their Own

What to do when they won't take accountability for their own health

We all have that important person in our life who needs help but isn’t taking accountability for their own health. What can we do about it? How can we help them?

A few years ago, my husband had a routine physical done and his PSA score came back a bit high, which is an indicator of possible prostate cancer. The doctor recommended he get a subsequent test done and he just wasn’t going for it.

My husband is definitely a pioneer in his own health experience. He doesn’t necessarily ignore health issues, but he has his own way of handling them with a preference for more natural healing. He went down that path without seeing improvement, and I got to play the role of the loved one standing by and watching a potential major health issue develop. I really struggled with how to handle this situation.

People don’t like being told what to do. Most want to own their own health experience and make their own decisions. But if an important person in our lives has a health condition, it also affects us. We also must live with the side effects whether immediate or down the road.

This applies whether the condition is physical, emotional, or mental. They could be battling depression. Maybe it’s a heart condition that’s being ignored. Or perhaps they are showing signs of Type 2 diabetes that is uncontrolled, and they aren’t willing to change their diet and lifestyle.

I personally went through a few stages of trying to get my husband to follow the doctor’s advice.

At first, I just wondered if I should say anything at all. Would he be upset if I mentioned anything? Then I thought about how to bring it up subtly in a conversation. Maybe drop a few hints. Should I just go set an appointment for him?

Eventually, I became angry and frustrated. After all, this is someone who I loved, and I wanted them to live a healthy life. I started talking logically. With other medical conditions, I could start managing things for them like making sure they took their prescriptions on time, but not with this situation.

This is all incredibly exhausting, and in the end, it’s never successful. Until the person takes accountability for their own health, there’s not much we can do that will have a long-term impact.

So, what can we do to actually help someone take accountability? How can we get them in the right frame of mind – with the right energy – to take action regarding their own health?

Well, I’m a huge advocate of a technique called “proxy healing.” This is when you use the tools of energy healing on behalf of a loved one in your life. You help them clear limiting beliefs and emotional patterns that are keeping them stuck and preventing them from getting the help required. You help remove the energetic bind where they self-sabotage, don’t love themselves, and don’t have the right positive feelings about themselves to generate the motivation to get better.

For example, let’s say you have someone in your life who is battling depression and isn’t taking accountability to get better. That’s understandable since depression can be very crippling. It’s easy for a person to lose all motivation and feel like things just can’t improve.

Instead of “nagging” them to go see someone or constantly reminding them of their illness, use proxy healing to clear those limiting beliefs and free them of the negative emotions that are holding them back.

Join my Healing Plan for Depression and spend 21 minutes a day for 21 days helping them get better through energy healing. It doesn’t even require their permission since they don’t even need to know you are doing this for them to reap the benefits.

On October 10, I’m leading my Healing Center members through a guided experience of this plan. Come join us!

Join the Healing Plan for Depression

You’d be working to open up their energy so they can move forward and be more true to their higher self. They still have to decide to seek help and make better choices, but you are working on their energy in a way that will allow them to do that much more easily.

It’s phenomenal how well this works. I’ve been doing it with my own family members for years. It’s an amazing gift and will also benefit you not to have to live with the burden of their neglected health issues into the future.

Regardless of what ailment your loved one is dealing with, proxy healing can work. Join my Healing Center and get a free 14-day trial with over 200 clearing sessions and healing plans.

And by the way, my husband eventually got that test, and as it turns out, he just has a prostate that’s slightly larger than average. No cancer. Whew.

Come see how easy it is to help your loved one.

Join me for the guided experience of the Healing Plan for Depression! We start October 10.

Join the Healing Plan for Depression

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