How To Improve Your Workplace Culture So You Love Going to Work

This quick questionnaire helps you create a more positive workplace!

Not totally loving your job right now? Improving your workplace culture is not as daunting as it may sound.

Here’s how to go from “I want to leave!” to “I love it!” in a way that’s simple and exciting. After all, life is too short to dread going to work every day.

So instead of job-hopping in search of that one dream job or the ideal workplace culture, why not focus on something you can do right now—even from the comfort of your own computer screen?

Take this quick questionnaire to help you create a more positive workplace culture—and find work that you were born to do!

Answer “yes/no” to the following questions. Do you…

  • Want to work in a happier, more harmonious, and cooperative environment?
  • Find that you are often misunderstood by your boss or coworkers?
  • Feel under-appreciated at work?
  • Have trouble getting along with certain types of people?
  • Know you are capable of doing great work…but just not motivated?
  • Want to better understand your natural gifts and talents—and be recognized for them?
  • Long to do more of the kind of work that you love and are naturally good at?
  • Wish you understood your employees better?
  • Want to know how to work with everyone’s natural gifts and talents so you can all do more of what you do best?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then I’m guessing you’re probably not very happy at work.

It’s okay to admit that because things can only start to change when we admit what we’re doing isn’t really working.

How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) at Work

Whether you work for someone else or for yourself, knowing your true nature and how to live in alignment with your true self is the best gift you can give yourself—and to your workplace—so you can thrive at work and in life!

It starts with discovering your Energy Type.

How Knowing Your Energy Type Can Improve Your Work Life

Energy Profiling is a system based on the 4 Energy Types found in nature…and human nature. These 4 Energies make up the natural movement of you.

Unlike other “personality” based systems out there, the Energy Profiling system looks deeper at the movement, or the energy, that influences your life, including your personality.

When you know your Energy Type, you free yourself up to create more opportunities to live your truth—and be recognized for it!

Here’s Why Your Employer Needs to Know This One Thing About You

Or, if you manage a team of people, you probably want to know this about your employees.

When a team of people knows their Energy Types, it helps everyone get on the same page and create a culture of honor, gratitude, respect, and appreciation.

My company, Live Your Truth, is based on this system. Every one of our employees knows their Energy Profile and they’re all doing jobs that allow them to live true to their nature.

Plus, everyone not only enjoys their jobs, but they also love being a part of a company that honors and recognizes them for who they truly are. Every. Single. Day.

You can have this experience…and you don’t need to work for my company to have it, either!

How to Be Respected, Appreciated, and Understood at Work

First, sign up for the free Energy Profiling course for yourself.

Once you’ve explored your own Energy Type, invite your coworkers to check it out, telling them how it’s helped you.

Here’s what one of our Lifestyle members shared about Energy Profiling in her workplace:

“Our boss realized she was actually a Type 1/4 (not the Type 2 she was trying to project. She had wonderful Type 2 parent/role models). After realizing her Type 1 nature, she started to have fun with her clothing, jewelry, and way of functioning. She noticed that her need for afternoon snacks dropped as did her stress/expectations on herself. I felt more comfortable because I was trying to interact with her as the Type 2 she was projecting, but now everything made more sense and I didn’t take dropped emails or engage/disengage personally.

“She, understanding me as a Type 2/4, wrote out specific detailed have-to’s for the next three months and told me to fill in the big picture/details and in ways that I saw fit.

“Next, we were struggling with how to support another co-worker when she got short and frustrated with things. We thought she was Type 3, but as we started supporting her (letting her vent and giving her no details until asked for specific ones), she became more relaxed and moved into her dominant Type 2 (what a dear love she is!).

“On the days I work with these ladies, I now see them as a sparkly friend (who always make me smile) and a sweetheart of a friend (who moves my heart) and I know better how to interact and support both of them.” -Michelle S.

Want to have more positive experiences in your workplace?

Start your free Before & After Energy Profiling course today.

Bless you,

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