How to Manifest the Home of Your Dreams using the Law of Attraction (7 Tips!)

Are you longing for a different atmosphere? Do you have big plans for your living situation in the future? Use the Law of Attraction to manifest your dream home! Through intentional, positive visualization, I can help you draw that dream home into your life.

Even if your credit is bad or your income is low, the Law of Attraction is the secret that will manifest dreams into reality. You simply have to know the right way to visualization to focus your energies.

3 Blocks Stopping You from Manifesting Your New Dream Home

Have you been trying to manifest a new home and feel stuck? If you are working on visualization but struggling, you have blocked energy! There are a number of mental blocks we put up to protect ourselves. These negative vibes we put in place because we are afraid of failure. But as we project the negative thoughts, we manifest negative realities.

Remove all the interference and old stories that are holding you back.

There are perceptions and histories we have that keep us from clear visualizations. Once we recognize those roadblocks, we can avoid them and replace them with positive thoughts to actualize our dreams. So, I want you to recognize these thoughts for the problem-causers they are. When you feel one bubbling up inside, stop and reiterate a mantra or affirmation to combat it.

Here are three of the most common negative mental blocks we put in place:

“I can’t afford what I want.”

You think the amazing home of your dreams is outside of your reach, but you aren’t reaching for it.

This limiting belief excuses you from even dreaming about what you could do and have. Permit yourself to go there emotionally. Pursue what you want, and the stepping stones will fall into place. Whether this is your first home, your retirement home, or anything in-between, you can afford the beautiful home of your dreams

First, appreciate what you have and come to peace with your current home. You are not going to get far by hating what you have and bringing that negative energy into the space. Then, consider what home would make you excited, warm, comfortable—whatever you are looking for from a house.

Start looking to see what price range that would be—what realities are out there—and use those for your visualizations. But don’t get caught on the price tag or quickly moving house market. Instead, use them as fuel to start envisioning what your life will be like in your new dream place.

Instead, repeat the mantra: “I am attracting my dream house to me as well as a responsible way to afford it.

“I am not worthy of what I want.”

Believing you aren’t deserving of good things is highly common when you come from a place of past trauma. It’s easy to get caught in feelings of doubt. Maybe your family never grew up with anything that nice, and it’s hard for you to imagine it as a reasonable possibility. Maybe your partner thinks it is too much and isn’t on the same energy wavelength you want to be on.

But it’s okay to give yourself permission to receive good things.

You will block out a lot of good in your life if you let yourself stay closed off to believing you are deserving of good things. We are children of God, and He has already given us the very best gift—his love, mercy and a place in His house (talk about a dream house!). Everything else is just bits of sand on the seashore. You are worth a beautiful home.

Realize your worth and then have the talk with your partner to see if you can open the doors together. You may need to come to some compromises, but you will find your energies working together are even more powerful.

If you don’t have to work with a partner, then you can work on opening yourself to good things by believing in your value and the possibility of all things. Ultimately, you don’t need anyone’s approval to want what you want and achieve what you love.

Instead, repeat the mantra:“I am worthy as a child of God. All good things are within reach.”

“I can’t find what I want.”

Sometimes we let ourselves get discouraged by believing the perfect home isn’t out there. This is yet another excuse! What you can’t find, you can make.

There are plenty of options, and you can’t let yourself feel doomed to failure. Instead, give yourself permission to hope and believe. Repeat those mantras over and over that will encourage you to feel optimistic about your search and manifest the perfect home.

Instead, repeat the mantra: “I will find the home that is exactly what I need. A beautiful home is out there for me.”

7 Tips on How to Manifest a New Home with the Law of Attraction

There is a method to truly opening yourself up for your new house. This will take some work and dedication, but I can help you open those doors and manifest the perfect home with the power of your mind. I manifested my dream home using this same law of attraction method.

1. Feel gratitude

As I’ve already said, you won’t manifest anything good when you are thinking negative things. Start with a deep-seated place of gratitude. We all have things to be grateful for. If you need to, do some self-searching to understand what good things exist in your life that you feel gratitude for.

When you are in a grateful place with what you already have, you may be ready to take on more. If you are in a place of gratitude, it’s time to take the next step.

2. Explore Your desire

Think long and hard about a dream house and what would that look like. You might own or rent. You may have a huge space or a quaint and tiny one. But, go deeper.

How does it make you feel?

This is where you start. What do you want to get from this space? List a few words. Some common answers might be:

  • Free
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Warm
  • Cozy
  • Protected
  • Happy
  • Secure
  • Inspired
  • Excited

As you understand your underlying goals, you can start to envision your inspiration.

3. Picture it in detail

Start with a dream board or a vision board. You can literally draw it out, as I did. This will help you provide concrete parts of what is important to you. List every detail you can think of that matters.

  • How much space?
  • How many rooms?
  • What kind of yard?
  • What color?
  • What will you do there?

Put all of these details into your vision board so you can focus on visualizing them and manifesting that vision. You may end up with something, like: Home: Cozy. Front porch. Fireplace. Big yard. Big trees. Safe. Quiet. Private. Beautiful. Relaxing. Country.

As you establish those details, you are releasing them—almost like planting a seed into the universe and waiting for it to sprout and take root.

You want to be reasonable, not just dream up things that seem like wild fantasies. There will come a point where you may have to define the line between holding until you can find perfection and settling for less than what is right for you. The right home isn’t going to trigger feelings of “oh, that’s excessive.” Listen to your crown chakra and the guidance of God here to help you determine the perfect path for you.

4. Let it be known to God

Ask for it. Do not sit on your desires and convince yourself they shouldn’t be realities.

Take all your prayers and petitions before God.

Of course, in order to do this, you have to have pure motives. If you are hoping to get ahead from a negative place of competition, selfishness or greed, then you aren’t going to get what you want. Even if you get the home, you will have a rotten motivation that will hurt you. God knows this. He wants what is best for us, and sometimes the answer is no.

Sometimes, as we pray, God shows us where we are lacking. He isn’t trying to punish us by withholding the things we want. He is helping us learn lessons that will improve our character. We don’t need to deprive ourselves; we need to work on the right motivations and open ourselves to the possibility of all good things.

5. Believe it is possible

We already talked about those common causes for roadblocks as you try to put the Law of Attraction to work. Believe that you can get what you are asking for and dreaming of. Know the goodness of God and trust Him. Know the power of your mind and energy system, and utilize that. Through belief, your new house can be just short days or months away

Even if it takes years, putting this out into the universe now will cause your dream to manifest as soon as you are ready to accept it. I see the “impossible” happen every day!

It is often important here to practice self-care, building up your confidence and self-esteem. Some great affirmations to repeat include:

“A perfect buyer is out there for my home, and a perfect home is out there for me.”

“I am ready to move forward and create new memories in a new home.”

“My dream home is waiting for me, and I am excited for the move.”

6. Feel, Hear, Taste the reality

To start truly visualizing, start imagining every detail from that vision board. Put yourself into that home and think about how it smells, what you will do there, what you will eat, how life will look.

If you are not happy now but feel a new home will solve your problems, then you need to go back to step one. In order to enjoy this new home, you need to be prepared to enter with a state of gratitude. Things are wonderful and enjoyable, but they do not fix our lives or bring us joy in themselves.

But if you feel joy now, that joy may be amplified by features the new home has that let you do certain things you couldn’t before.

7. Practice the reality

Don’t just sit back and wish. Start acting toward that reality.

Manifesting isn’t magic; it’s your energy drawing the possibilities to you. As you visualize the reality, you can start acting in ways that make it happen. The visualization sparks inspired action and motivation that supports your dreams. Through the power of your mind, you can change your current course and seek out things you will enjoy more.

  • Ask yourself questions like:
  • What do you need to be to get into that house?
  • Would a person in that house do this?
  • Can you make changes to bring that house into your current situation?
  • When will I make this happen?

Watch Your Dreams Become Reality!

The fun (and sometimes frustrating) part of life is its unpredictability. You never quite know how things will come about. This is very true when you manifest a home. You may find you are almost thrown out and rushed in because of how quickly things happen. Or you might feel like things are taking forever, and you are eager to move somewhere new.

You just don’t know exactly how manifestations will show up!

You might find that your current home is transformed through this manifestation process into something you love and feel is the perfect home. Or, you might sell this home and get something in an unusual neighborhood that you weren’t considering.

Keep your mind open!

Since you don’t know what the universe has planned, keep your mind open. You can still have all your details and visualizations, but don’t force them to come from certain places. There are many things you can add on to your current home that will make it feel more like the place of your dreams. Start there.

Don’t put restrictions on God either.

If it is meant for you, it will happen. You shouldn’t have to force this to come together. There are plenty of metaphorical doors and windows that can open to provide you with the right house.

Dig down for faith

You don’t have to have great faith in your manifesting to use the technique, but belief does work as a catalyst. Dig down and pull up any faith you have that will help you cling on to the realness of your manifestation and the power of your mind. Harness those abilities and watch the process work.

You are not working towards a beautiful home for the wrong reasons—you want to create a safe pod of energy in a challenging world. Your ideal home can become a refuge and a place of peace. Your old place sparks gratitude, but it is limiting in size, appearance, location or functionality.

Start with the now

You can start enacting those manifestations by acting on your current home now. Consider what you are going for and how you can start making those changes in your home now. In a sense, you are “practicing” that manifestation on your current home as you wait for your dream home to manifest.

It isn’t too late!

I can’t tell you how many clients ask if they are too far past their prime to do visualization for their dream life. There is an unfounded belief out there that adults past their 30’s or 40’s have either failed or succeeded. Do not limit yourself here! You are not too old to change course and get the house you love.

But you still need to live as if you already have what you want. This could be a hang-up since your age could make you keenly aware you aren’t where you want to be in life. So, watch out for self-sabotaging thoughts that might try to attack your age and make you feel unsure about whether or not you can pull this off.

Pursue affluence

The goal isn’t just to get a nice house, you want to be affluent in all things. You need a job you can enjoy, money to spend, relationships you cherish, deep spirituality and more. You will want to focus on positive energy and thoughts to make this happen.

This means that no matter how much the new home is going to cost, you should not verbalize negative words surrounding money. Instead of “Oh, we can’t afford that,” you should say something more like, “What are we trying to find?” or “What works for us?” Flip the script to empower your decision-making process and not strip it of options.

In Conclusion…

Now is the right time to start.

Use your thoughts to manifest the perfect home with the help of God and His universe. You might feel a little overwhelmed, but hopefully far less so after reading this! I know that if you put your mind to it, you can attract an incredible dream home.

If you are feeling stuck, I hope you will go take my quiz now! My master class will help you find those roadblocks and address them one at a time.

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