How You Age Yourself Faster When You’re Afraid of Getting Older

Why your negative beliefs about aging cause you to...well, age

Getting older is inevitable, but how you age is a choice.

“Pro-aging” is a new term that baby boomers have come up with to counter the negative culture of ageism. Ageism is stereotyping the aging experience as being a very negative one.

During my early 50s, I made a conscious choice to be pro-aging and create my aging experience to be a very positive one.

While I was never afraid of getting older, I didn’t like how I was aging.

All of a sudden I looked old and I felt powerless to it. So I was frustrated. So I started to learn.

How aging is accelerated by your thoughts & beliefs

Having taught for decades that “our beliefs create our reality” I knew it was time to take a look at my beliefs about aging. What I discovered was that I didn’t have a lot of conscious negative beliefs, but instead that my subconscious mind was loaded with a lot of negative beliefs around aging that I had picked up on throughout my life from my parents, grandparents, and our “youth is better” focused culture.

My father hated getting older. He was so angry about it. Growing up, I heard him say things like, “Getting old sucks.” “I don’t like getting old.” “Old people are worthless.”

I knew changing my beliefs would help stop the process because it had already worked with my financial situation and with my relationships. My thoughts and beliefs are the foundation of everything.

Along with unearthing my own subconscious mind’s negative beliefs around aging, I polled my extensive community of thousands of women and asked them why they were afraid of getting older.

Here are some of the top fears:

  • Getting a debilitating disease or chronic illness like their parents
  • Losing their sex appeal
  • Becoming insignificant in society
  • Losing their mobility and health
  • Being less attractive
  • Dealing with ongoing pain

That’s why I created my brand new offering, the Healing Plan for Anti-Aging.

This 3-week healing plan is a result of bringing together my own personal healing experience to shift the negative aging experience to a positive aging experience and the collection of all the hundreds of fears and issues I learned people have about aging,

Since our belief creates our reality, the foundation to creating a positive aging experience is to change our beliefs! This healing plan is loaded with support to help you do that. And as we now know from the decades of research on how powerful the mind/body connection is, we can guarantee that by using this plan we will not only have a better attitude, but we will also free our body up to stay healthier as we age.

There were so my negative beliefs and perceptions about aging that the Clearing for Negative Aging is the longest clearing script I have ever produced!

In my 50s, I realized it’s unavoidable to age – so instead, what experience do I want to have?

Now, at 63, I am seeing the results of that choice!

I am excited to help you let go of the fear around aging.

On March 15, I’m launching a brand new Healing Plan for Anti-Aging in my Healing Center. I will personally be guiding all the Healing Center members through this plan. Together, let’s greet getting older with open arms and positive energy! Join the Healing Center now and start your 14-day free trial so you can get started on your Healing Journey today.

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