How Your Positive Money Mindset Leads to Tricky Overspending (& How to Fix This!)

Why saying "We can afford it!" could actually be hurting you

Here’s the picture: you’re learning how the energy of money responds to the energy you give it. You’ve shifted from saying, “I can’t afford that” to more positive statements like, “We can afford it!”

After all, your thoughts create your reality, right? You don’t want to put negative energy out there. You want to have more affluence, ease, and joy into your life!

But then you run into a little problem.

You find yourself throwing caution to the wind and spending money that you might not have.

This happens to a lot of people who first get started with the Law of Attraction. But let’s talk about why this is not healthy and how it just creates even more lack for you!

When a positive money mindset gets you in trouble.

Several times a year, I guide all of the Carol Tuttle Healing Center members through one of my healing plans or courses. As part of that guided experience, I host a live coaching call to help members through whatever is coming up for them during that time. We just had the coaching call for my popular course, The 30-Day Money Cure.

Here’s one of the questions that was asked:

“How do we stick to a budget while also being affluent? I find we spend more than we make if I have a ‘We can afford this’ attitude.”

This is such an important question because I never will teach you to say “We can afford this” if you truly cannot!

The 30-Day Money Cure is not about suddenly saying “I can spend whatever I want.” I’m not teaching you to spend more money if you don’t have it!

I’m teaching you how to change your psychology and your emotional energy around money so that you can increase what you’re able to afford and what you are able to use your money for.

Here are two ways to get you started RIGHT NOW.

2 Steps to Create a Positive & Truthful Money Creation Experience

1. First, honor your budget and the money you do have.

Being grateful for the money you do have is a powerful first step. It sets energy in motion that will begin a creation process around money.

Sticking to a budget with the money you do have will help you feel grateful, empowered, and as a creator of your own experience.

If you always feel stress, lack, and bitterness toward money, that will never shift your experience with it.

Every day, thank the money you have. Refer to your budget often. Find gratitude when you purchase groceries, gas, and pay bills.

2. Secondly, honor yourself with true, positive statements.

Stop saying, “We can afford it. I can buy whatever I want” if that isn’t true for you.

Start saying, “I can afford to believe in the dreams and desires I have. I can afford to believe I will have this. I can afford to allow this to show up for me. I can afford to be positive about this.”

This is what will shift you into affluent energy. This is what will start to reprogram your brain.

Trust me, the money will follow.

Want more money? The change starts in you.

In the Coaching Call, I go over so many more money questions sent in by our members, and I help a live guest work through a money issue showing up from her Type’s tendencies, as well as a generational pattern she didn’t realize was affecting her until now. Watch the recording here.

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Psst. This coaching call had giveaways exclusively for our live Zoom attendees that are now closed. As you watch the replay, if you feel a tug toward any of the resources mentioned, treat yourself to them! You’re being called to them for a reason.

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