Is This Common Habit Hijacking Your Intuition?

A tapping exercise to help you trust your intuitive awareness

Generation after generation, we were told what to think and what to believe. But all of that is changing.

Look around. Cultural and societal structures are breaking down at every turn. While the world may seem chaotic, like it has lost its mind, I see a higher purpose playing out.

We are being guided to turn inward for answers.

We are being called to be our own authority.

We are being brought back to our own intuition.

But there is one common habit that interferes with your intuition.

Do you know what it is? (Go to 3:20 to find out.)

This habit could cancel out the confidence you have in feeling your intuitive awareness and prevents you from acting on it.

(3:41) – I show you a simple exercise you can do right now to help you determine WHY you still have this habit.

(5:03) – Follow along with these tapping techniques that will help you trust your intuitive awareness and act in confidence on it.

You can create a peaceful, joyful, affluent life. Go take my Energy Healing Basics Course. I want to help you heal and clean up all the interference. So your intuition is pure and strong. As you make correct decisions for yourself, they will also correct for everyone else.

Everyone will be happier—and that’s always a good thing!

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