Mirror, Mirror: How to Finally See the Weight Loss Changes You Crave

Don't miss this year's Weight Loss Cure!

Tired of weight loss resolutions that leave you feeling defeated and frustrated? I know exactly how you feel!

I was on yo-yo diets for decades, lost weight, and then gained it back. Most women who try to lose weight have the same experience. If weight loss is one of your New Year Resolutions this year, I want you to succeed. But if you’re not careful, here’s how that could go for you:

  • You commit to losing a certain number of pounds.
  • You pick out a new diet and get rid of all the sugar, fats, and carbs from your kitchen.
  • You join a gym or fitness program from home.
  • You might even post on social media for accountability.
  • You stick with it for a few weeks…but then you start to skip a day here and there.
  • By the end of February, you’re back to your old habits.

The journey to weight loss is more than just a resolution; it’s about uncovering the hidden reasons why you can’t lose weight!

That’s where the Weight Loss Cure comes in.

On January 8th, my Healing Center community will go through the Weight Loss Cure together. I invite you to join us.

During those 4 weeks, I will help you recognize and release the deeper issues behind any extra pounds you’re carrying. We’ll clear them out together so that your body, your mind, and your heart feel freer and more resilient.

Imagine losing weight — AND learning how to tap into your body’s innate wisdom! That’s what happened for Rita.

“I began the Weight Loss Cure on October 1 and have lost 20 lbs, but that is only a pleasant side effect of the healing energy as the single most important thing I learned how to do was to honor my body as the wise and natural healer it has always been…to talk to my body and LISTEN to what she is telling me.” -Rita

Below, read Laura’s incredible experience with the Weight Loss Cure!

Like most people, she wanted a quick fix initially — but she stayed the course and did the work to fully uproot old patterns. She reduced inflammation that was making her feel heavy and eliminated unhealthy foods in a sustainable way.

What she lost was weight. What she gained was strength and confidence.

“Hellooooo!!!! I wanted to throw a few squeals and sparkles to the Weight Loss Cure.✨😊 I studied the course the day it opened and wanted so badly for the weight to just fall off 😆 It didn’t really happen that way, but my results are still amazing.

I cleared out old patterns and consistently said the affirmations and committed to the journaling. The entry about “My body would love if I gave up (blank)” – I didn’t want to give up anything 🙄 But I picked gluten. That was the easy one! And then I started to feel lighter (happy, happy belly) so I picked another, dairy. Then the hardest, my diet cokes (2 months now of no soda 🎉) Then I decided to try the elimination diet Whole30 and feel very light!!!! I’ve had so many thoughts of why don’t I feel light if I’m Type 1. Short answer, inflammation.

And the next greatest thing to come from all of this, I feel control. My thoughts are no longer spinning in circles, try this Laura, do this Laura 🤔 I’m in control of my eating habits. It’s an amazing feeling. I’ve lost 15 pounds so far. I’ve lost 15 pounds so many times in my adult life but not with this level of confidence and strength. That I’m loving my body and showing it love with whole foods that support me.

The longer I’m on this amazing journey of healing, I’m learning that everything starts within, in my mind, heart, and soul and that I’m strong enough to create it!!!!” -Laura

Why You Can’t Miss This Year’s Weight Loss Cure:

  1. Get to the bottom of your weight struggles. These issues often go hand-in-hand with emotional challenges. This course dives into the emotional components of weight loss, empowering you to overcome obstacles holding you back.
  2. See visible results. Say goodbye to the frustration of not seeing the changes you crave. The Weight Loss Cure is designed to bring visible, tangible results—so you not only feel the difference but see it too.
  3. You’re worth the investment. This powerful course is your key to a healthier, happier you. Don’t let another year of lost resolutions leave you feeling defeated. Invest in yourself, and get started on a journey of lasting transformation.

Together, we’ll release the emotional weight you’re carrying from last year and set you up for habits that support you, so that you can lose the weight in the way that’s correct for your unique body.

Come see what makes weight loss hard for you.
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