“My Marriage Will Never Change.” How Tapping Can Help!

Your marriage could look so different after you do this

When you’re in a struggling marriage, everything in your life is negatively affected.

You have higher stress, you don’t sleep as well, and the tension in your home ripples out to your children. You read the marriage books about communication, and maybe you’ve even gone to couples counseling—but nothing seems to be getting better.

You grow more hopeless as time goes by, thinking, “My marriage will never change.” What’s to be done then, when you find yourself in this cycle? Separation or divorce isn’t ideal, and I’m here to honestly tell you—it isn’t even always necessary.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as energy needing to be moved and cleared. This is where tapping can help.

Why you should try tapping before you get divorced

Tapping is a powerful healing technique that includes gently tapping on the different meridian points of your body. These are the same points that are stimulated during acupuncture and acupressure treatments, which are connected to neural pathways in your brain.

During Tapping, you “reset” the neural pathways and create a new energy pattern in a safe, calm, and present state of mind.

You may have a communication pattern that’s based in old, stuck energy. You may have a subconscious belief about yourself (or your partner) that you picked up from your childhood or your parents.

Tapping is a gentle, effective way to release that energy and clear the old patterns. When the energy is gone, that’s when the real shifts happen!

Tapping is easy, and it can truly save your marriage.

I have over 30 years of experience as an energy healer, and my husband and I successfully healed our marriage using the techniques I share in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. Tapping is the main healing modality I use in the Healing Center. With specialized scripts, healing plans, and hundreds of clearing sessions, you are sure to unblock what’s keeping you stuck.

Every day, I hear testimonials from members who see positive changes:

“My marriage was very near ending about a month after joining the Healing Center and starting the Healing Plan for Relationships. A year later and things look very different, and my husband has not participated in this work with me or any therapy on his own. This stuff is powerful and life-changing if you commit and apply the techniques. I am blessed to be a part of this. 💕” -Theresa

“I never thought a successful, happy marriage was possible without my husband going to therapy with me (we both came from highly abusive childhoods). I took Carol’s advice to consider it is in the female energetic nature to lead a path of healing. When I heard that, my resentment left. I took full responsibility for what I could do. This past year, it truly became easy for me. I don’t carry any weight that’s not mine to carry. I remember Valentine’s Day just two years ago – I had placed a call into a few divorce lawyers. It just amazes me that this is no longer an issue. I have a successful and happy marriage now. What a beautiful thing to be able to say.” -Michelle

Where you can start if you want to heal your marriage:

I created the Healing Plan for Relationship Challenges, which takes you through a two-week journey to assist you in shifting your intimate relationship from a pattern of disharmony and conflict to one of harmony and cooperation. If you’re not yet a member, start your 14-day free trial right now!

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