My New Free Course That Will Change Your Life

An exciting new big announcement that's going to help you heal

30 years ago, I was a young mother, suicidal and unsafe to my own children.

That’s when energy healing entered the picture for me. I can honestly say, God led me to this line of work and it’s why I’ve devoted my life to helping others through healing work.

For the last few months, I’ve been working on something for you.

This free new resource helps you overcome whatever holds you back—and you can go through the entire course in just 45 minutes.

In today’s special broadcast, I tell you all about it!

Quick list of what was covered in this broadcast:

(1:45) – I share the story of what happened in my adult life that made me hit rock bottom, resulting in a nervous breakdown.

(9:40) – Do you think you have psychic gifts? Here’s why I think you do. (We all do!)

(15:15) – I announce a brand new Healing Oil that just launched! It’s the “I Am Grounded” healing oil! This oil assists you in connecting with your own body and grounding to the energy of the earth. Everyone needs this oil.

(19:33) – ::Drum roll:: It’s time for my big announcement! I just released the brand new, free Energy Healing Basics Guide! This is such a timely course that will help you overcome whatever holds you back, so you can truly heal.

(We apologize for technical difficulties from 24:50 – 26:18.)

(27:50) – Let’s take a tour of the Energy Healing Basics Guide. I’ll show you what to expect and how you will get the most benefit from it.

(39:50) – Say hi to my guest, Benice, who’s been a Healing Center member from the very beginning of its launch. Her story is profound! She shares how the Healing Center has helped her find immense healing for her inner child, so that she is now a much happier, free woman.

(53:37) – Q&A from the live viewers! I answer questions such as, “How do I change my manifesting mindset to become more positive? Is the Healing Center beneficial to teens and children? How do I access the new Basics Guide?” and more!

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