This Secret Hack Gets You Motivated for Daily Movement

How to find the movement your body craves

You already know that when it comes to weight loss and getting healthier, you need to move your body! But what if you just don’t feel like it?

I get it!

It’s not that you’re lazy or undisciplined; it’s just that you have to find the kind of movement you love!

That’s what I’ve learned over all of these years. I used to spend so much effort beating up on myself and forcing myself to exercise when I didn’t want to. It wasn’t enjoyable, and I didn’t get much benefit from it.

So how did I figure out what kind of exercise appealed to me? How have I stuck with consistent exercise and movement year after year? The answer is so simple.

The Secret Hack to Daily Movement

Several times a year, I guide all of the Carol Tuttle Healing Center members through one of my courses. As part of the group-supported experiences, I host a live coaching call to help members through whatever is coming up for them during that time. We just had the coaching call for the Weight Loss Cure.

Here’s one of the questions that was asked:

“What do you recommend for increasing motivation to move? You mentioned you like the drive and results as a Type Three. What do you recommend for the yin types as far as getting motivated?”

This member was asking about the 4 Energy Types that I teach you about in my Energy Profiling System. She knows that each of the 4 Types moves through the world in a unique way, and that what motivates one might not motivate the others.

When it comes to movement and exercise, the same also applies!

So let’s go over what motivates each Energy Type when it comes to movement and exercise.

Type 1: Your energy is light, bright, animated, and random. You would enjoy a more social experience like a class, a group, something that has a beat to it and music and movement and has a lightness factor.

Type 2: Your energy is soft, subtle, muted, and flowing. You would want something more calm. Yoga or pilates would be very supportive, and even a place like Orange Theory is primarily a yin expression. Swimming is supportive to all 4 Types, but it’s especially supportive to Type 2 because of the water element.

Type 3: Your energy is rich, dynamic, swift, and passionate. You’re going to love the intensity of exercise and being able to see your results. Choose activities and sports that help you track your progress. Keeping a fitness journal, taking pictures and videos, or joining an accountability group will help keep you on track!

Type 4: Your energy is bold, still, striking, and precise. Since you’re going to take an “all-or-nothing” approach to fitness, find where you feel best so you can go all in. You do well in activities that are solitary and zen, while also in anything you can find mastery in.

Tune in, explore, and have fun with movement!

What kind of movement appeals to you, that makes your body feel nurtured and honored? What’s the kind of movement you want, that you’re body’s drawn to? And when you stop doing it, your body misses it?

Talk to your body, and journal with your body. Ask it, “What kind of movement would you like? What would support you? What would honor you and your being nurtured to be drawn to doing it more?”

Your body will start to give you chemical prompts to say, “We need to do this because we will benefit.” 

Start to notice what comes up, what you feel drawn to, and try them out!

Loved what you learned here?

Well, good news! In the Coaching Call, I go over so many more questions sent in by our members, and you’re sure to have plenty of helpful takeaways! Watch the recording here.

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