3 Surprising Tricks to Help You Manifest Your Dream Job

No need to job hunt when you can just call in the perfect one instead.

Are you re-entering the workforce after a long time away? Are you burned out at a job that doesn’t appreciate you? Are you looking to change careers and start in a brand-new field?

All of these can bring up feelings of nervousness or low self-confidence. You hear stories of no jobs, low-paying jobs, or having to “start at the bottom” before getting what you want.

But starting or looking for a new job can be incredibly exciting if we keep a few simple things in mind.

Let’s talk about them!

How to manifest the job you want.

Each month in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I host a live Coaching Call for all members. We just had a great call in February about Energetic Cleansing & Reprogramming of Your Workplace or Business. We talked about cleansing rituals, how to set boundaries, and how to balance working from home with your family life. I loved this one question from one of our Healing Center members:

I would like help with manifesting a job. I am on the search and had an interview with a company, but it was something that I did not feel qualified for after having the interview. So I asked for my resume to be removed from the consideration.

We dove deep into this one!

3 job manifestation tricks anyone can use:

1. Not sure if a job is right for you? Get clear on whether it’s fear or an incorrect match.

If you’re not feeling qualified for a position, it could just be fear, or it could be that it’s really not in alignment with you.

The sooner you learn to tell the difference, the better!

You will feel clarity when something’s incorrect, versus fear that you are going to fail. Notice what comes up for you.

If you feel fear, that could be an opportunity for you to grow and learn something new! You could always be honest and say, “I don’t feel qualified. I would need to be supported in training. I’m going to be 100% upfront about where I’m at, what I’m concerned about, etc.”

Need a little boost to get yourself to this point of speaking up for your needs? Listen to the Sound Meditation to Heal Lack of Self-Confidence.

(If you’re already a Healing Center member, you have access to Sound Meditation to Heal Lack of Self-Confidence. Use it any time you need to! If you’re not a member yet, start your first 14 days for free.)

2. Find out what your subconscious is saying.

Identify why you don’t want to go to work.

Finish this phrase 5-10 times each.

  • “I want to go to work because…”
  • “I want to manifest a job because…”
  • “I don’t want to manifest a job because…” (if it feels correct for you, use your non-dominant hand for this one.)

If you haven’t manifested what you want yet, it’s because you have a blinder in your own subconscious. Until you clear this, you will manifest things that you don’t want. Something will be off. It could be because you really don’t want to go to work. You’re afraid to. Something is keeping you safe away from it. Your inner child is saying, “No, really? I like our cozy spot at home here. It’s predictable here. I get to sleep in when I want to.”

You’ll be amazed at what you uncover!

3. Tell the Universe (and your subconscious) what you want by doing it!

Now, the next trick I have for you is to move through your morning as if you had the job you wanted. Get up a certain time, get dressed, prepare for your day, and act as if you’ve already got it and love it.

Then sit on your sofa and tell the Universe, “Okay, I’m ready to go!”

Even if you want to work from home, don’t stay in your pajamas. Get dressed in a professional way and put on makeup, do your hair, and swap out your slippers for more “structured” shoes. Sometimes not taking it seriously shows the Universe you’re not serious about it either!

Now, get ready for your dream job to show up for you!

This was just one of the topics we discussed in the coaching call. I love these calls because it brings us together, helping everyone feel supported and connected.

Watch the full Coaching Call replay here by joining the Healing Center and getting even more insight on this topic. We have recordings of all past calls in the Healing Center so that you can return to them any time you need an extra dose of healing advice!

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Psst. This coaching call had giveaways exclusively for our live Zoom attendees that are now closed. As you watch the replay, if you feel a tug toward any of the resources mentioned, treat yourself to them! You’re being called to them for a reason.

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