Tapping Session to Clear Picking

The 4-step mini EFT session to clear the root cause of picking.

Personal confession, I have had a pattern of picking since I was a small child! 

Do you have a pattern of picking too?

Let’s look at where this pattern started and then do a mini EFT tapping session to clear the energy that keeps running this harmful pattern.

To look deeper into the patterns of picking and biting see EFT Clearing: How to Stop Biting and Picking at Your Skin.

This short session is not included in my online Healing Center but gives you a taste of the benefits to be gained from the Childhood Wounding Healing Plan. This powerful healing plan will help you to get to the root cause of these symptomatic patterns and clear them for good!

Where does the pattern or picking start?

For most people, the pattern of picking began in childhood. In my 4 Types Energy Profiling system the Type 3 person is the one most likely to start this pattern in their childhood.

Why is that? In my book, The Child Whisperer, I teach that the Type 3 child has a physical connection to the world. We (I’m a Type 3 woman) are hands-on people. Picking starts as a way to release stressful energy in a physical way.  It creates a focused distraction, so if we feel nervous, tired, or hungry, picking can be a subconscious act in response to those states.

Picking can also be generational. Are your parents pickers? My mother picked and several of my children and grandchildren are also pickers too!

What can you do to stop picking?

Tapping is a simple yet very effective energy technique to stop negative patterns and beliefs. In this mini healing session, we’ll clear the root cause so you can stop picking today.

The 4-step EFT session to clear picking.

(4:32) Clearing Statements

Start with your hand on your chest at heart center. Taking a deep breath in, set your intention:

“I am releasing my anxiety, stress, and pent-up energy in healthy ways.

When I notice I am picking I respond in love rather than shame. And ask myself, “Would I like to make another choice?”

(5:47) Tapping Points to Clear

Next, begin tapping your forehead, then move to tap on the side of your head, then at the top of the cheekbones, under the nose, on the chin, and then on the center of the chest.

As you tap, express the frustrating excuses and problems you are having or have had. You will start the clearing process by stating things like:

  • “Letting go of picking, and all the times I’ve felt picked on.”
  • “Being picked on and teased as a child.”
  • “Too much anxiety and stress.”
  • “Picking is like a release valve.”
  • “Picking when I’m tired, or hungry.”
  • “I’ll never let go of this.”

(8:22) Forgiveness Statements

Take a DEEP breath to start the renewal process.

With your hand on your heart, state the simple fact that you will forgive yourself. Then list out what you are forgiving yourself for.

“I forgive myself for all the picking that has occurred in my life.

I forgive myself for all the embarrassment I feel around this.

I forgive my parents and all the people in my past that may have been the reason I started this pattern.

I let them go.

I am free to change.”

(8:54) Reframe Statements

Following the same tapping motion as before, you are now going to repeat the positive thoughts that will replace the old frustrations and hurts.

As you tap, repeat the new thoughts that will bring a healthy vibration and new energy:

  • “I am in charge of myself.”
  • “I am loved and kind to myself.”
  • “I am smart with my choices.”
  • “I take great care of myself.”
  • “I release pent-up energy in healthy functional ways.”
  • “When I do it again I meant myself in a place of love and forgiveness.”
  • “I make a new choice.”
  • “I am healthy and happy.”
  • “I am whole and healed.”
  • “I am free of this pattern. I am free, I am free, I am free!”

Tap all over your body to ground yourself in this new energy pattern!

This is not a one-and-done process.

Give yourself the space and grace needed to heal. Come back to clearing anytime you feel the urge to start picking. This is a process—a journey towards health. I know that you can stop picking today and keep it up for the long term, but I also know that it requires staying dedicated to true healing.

Which of these causes of picking do you relate to? Do you pick? What Type are you?

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