How to Find the Right Time to Start Healing

Is perfection holding you back?

“I really need to start healing, but I just have to wait until _____ (fill in the blank) is all set first.”

How often do you want to take a step toward healing, but something holds you back from actually getting started?

Maybe you feel like you have too much going on. Or maybe once you sign up for a program, you find yourself staying busy and tidying instead of sitting down to watch the videos.

You want things to be “perfect” before you can begin.

You’re waiting for the “right” time to start.

But chances are, you’ve probably made waiting a habit.

Here’s how to not let another day go by before you see progress or results.

Several times a year, I guide all of the Carol Tuttle Healing Center members through one of my healing plans or courses. As part of the group-supported experiences, I host a live coaching call to help members through whatever is coming up for them during that time. We just had the coaching call for the Healing Plan for the Chakras.

Here’s one of the questions that was asked:

“I’m trying to get over the idea that everything has to be perfect before I begin. I have to have the right oils diffusing, the candles lit, and bell chime, etc. How can I shift toward it being good enough and just do the work?”

Believe it or not, the energy that’s running this pattern is all about control! It’s connected to your third chakra, the power center.

Let’s dive into how to clear this!

Signs your third chakra is out of balance.

Your third chakra is also called the solar plexus and power chakra. The third chakra energetically connects us to our authentic will, personal power, self-esteem, and how we use it to create relationships with others.

The third chakra begins to be activated between the ages of three to five years old. During this stage, we become aware of the world around us. We start to perceive who we are and how much power we have, based on the reactions of the adults around us.

We learn the power of saying yes and no, and whether or not those declarations are welcomed by adults. These early experiences develop our view of our personal power and ability to relate to others.

Ask yourself, “Why do I have to have all these conditions set in order to feel like I can move forward with my healing work?”

Consider the possibility that you’re controlling your environment so you feel a sense of safety, which gives you freedom.

Remember: lighting the candles, diffusing the oils, or setting up your spot, is nice—but when it’s a “have to,” then you’re bound to it. You don’t have freedom.

How to take your power back in your healing journey:

  • Decide that good enough is good enough. Try doing one less thing each time you go to do your healing work. For example, say “Okay, today, I’m going to diffuse the oils and light the candle, but I’m not gonna chime the bell.”
  • Clearing Session for Blame and ControlThis session will assist you in healing the pattern of blame and control that causes you to feel powerless and victimized by life. You can create what you truly want and feel empowered and supported by life and others.
  • Clearing Session for the 3rd Chakra – The Power Chakra This session will help you activate the new energy of your third chakra, also called the power chakra. This new energy connects you to your authentic will, personal power, and self-esteem. If this energy center is weak or closed, you may experience anxiety, self-betrayal, and old wounds. As a result of doing this clearing, you’ll easily reconnect with your personal power and take inspired action.
  • Clearing Session for Perfectionism This session will help you release the need for everyone and everything to be perfect—including yourself. You will feel a sense of calm, without the control, as you become at peace with yourself.

Be your own authority. Make decisions with freedom and fun.

Loved what you learned here? Well, good news! In the Coaching Call, I go over so many more questions sent in by our members, and you’re sure to have plenty of helpful takeaways! Watch the recording here.

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Psst. This coaching call had giveaways exclusively for our live Zoom attendees that are now closed. As you watch the replay, if you feel a tug toward any of the resources mentioned, treat yourself to them! You’re being called to them for a reason.

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