Finally—A Weight Loss Program That Doesn’t Make You Feel “Less Than”

In fact, it reminds you that you are - and always have been - enough.

At this time of year, women all around the world are setting intentions and resolutions to become healthier and lose weight in 2021.

If you’re one of them, I commend you. The decision to take make yourself a priority shows strength and self-love that often goes unnoticed.

Maybe this is the first year you’ve committed to this goal. But for many of you, this is something you’ve tried in the past. You’ve done it all: the diets, the juice cleanses, the restricted eating, counting calories, intense workouts, etc.

But in the end, you didn’t lose weight. Or perhaps you did, and then it came back. After believing the marketing that promised you would see the change once you became more disciplined and kept up your morning workout sessions, you’re left feeling lazy or as though you didn’t try hard enough.

Once again, you feel like you’re not good enough.

Let me tell you this: I’m not here to give you the tough-love approach. Or to tell you that if you would only “try harder,” you’d meet your goals.

I’ve been an energy healer for decades now, and I know for sure that lasting change isn’t just about motivation or willpower. It’s about uncovering the energy blocks from your deepest beliefs that keep you in a repetitive pattern.

These blocks and patterns lead to self-sabotage. No matter how much you want to lose the weight, it won’t work unless you uncover and clear those energetic blocks!

That’s why I made this new quiz.

In 2 minutes, this quiz will help you see which of the top 5 weight loss issues are blocking you.

Once you know your biggest blocks, I can help you heal them.

Come take the 2-minute Weight Loss Sabotage Quiz

In my Healing Center, I guide you through a weight loss program that removes the energetic baggage and emotional weight that prevents you from losing the physical weight. We approach it together from a place of practicality and self-love—never shame or guilt.

What women are saying about their weight loss journeys:

JoAnn shares this insightful story about her experience with the Weight Loss Cure:

“I’m here to remind you (and myself) to keep healing. Keep going! 😀

“When I did the weight loss healing plan in January 2019, I loved it. I felt some shifts. But didn’t experience a weight release. My inner knowing said “Keep doing the healing plans, girlfriend. The weight will come off when we’ve experienced more healing.” So I kept plugging away at my inner healing. And I knew, the healing would eventually manifest physically. I’ve been eating healthy for years. I’ve been working out 5 – 6 days a week for several years. But my body still retained weight. She wasn’t ready.

“Despite the weight, I learned to love my body in a way I never imagined was possible before. Truly, we are buddies. Comrades. Pals. It feels so good. 🥰

“In April of this year, I started feeling like my body was ready to begin releasing weight. I set the intention that it would be easy. (Maybe even fun?! 🤞😀) I tweaked what I was eating. I honestly don’t eat that different now than I did before. But the couple of things I felt led to change have made a big difference. I’ve released nearly 20 lbs since May 1st. Because of the healing I experienced over the last several years, it’s the easiest 20 lbs I’ve ever released. I can honestly say, this HAS been fun! And for the first time in my life, I’m NOT worried I’ll gain the weight back. Because my outward weight release is a reflection of the emotional weight I’ve released. This is a permanent change.”

Kristy is another incredible woman who went through the Weight Loss Cure and shared this in our members-only Facebook group:

“For two weeks I’ve experienced zero cravings for my nutrition kryptonite, carbs and sweets! Until yesterday. Bought some Halloween candy for a friend’s gift bag and got 1 candy bar for myself. It was an experiment.

“Peanut butter cups with mint, 4 in a pack. Had 1, went back for the others one at a time over 2+ hours. That’s a big win already because I didn’t devour it immediately like I was destroying evidence. lol Then proceed to eat all of her candy too!

“Old me: Who would know if I did?? Living alone makes bingeing so easy. Just buy her some more…

“New me: I would know. I’m still accountable for my actions even if I’m the only witness. In fact, it’s a bigger achievement because of that!

“Yeah, it’s just a stinkin candy bar. But it indicated there’s been a ton of progress. &#x1f601”

Kristy’s story is powerful because she caught herself before self-sabotaging and bingeing— this is huge!

My weight loss program helps you get to the root issues of why you self-sabotage in the first place. Start with the quiz and find out what that is.

Come see what makes weight loss hard for you.

Bless you,

Find out what’s keeping you stuck


Take The Quiz You will get your quiz results without
having to offer any personal information.

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