What If Your Cultural Conditioning is Keeping You Stuck?

How to release the stuck energy that's holding you back

Stepping into healing work is a brave thing to do. I say that because you don’t know what you will uncover as you go deeper into the work.

In fact, you may not even be aware of how your cultural conditioning is keeping you stuck and affecting your ability to heal.

I recently received this question from a Healing Center member:

“I have issues sleeping next to my partner. It’s more of an energy thing, where I feel like I am shrinking, my feet feel like burning, and so does my head. I am very anxious and feel unsafe, like I want to escape. When he is away, it’s similar. I feel abandoned and wonder if/when he’s coming back. It’s a painful pattern which makes me want to leave, just to find peace. I would love to be able to sleep better, and feel relaxed, when he sleeps next to me or not.”

Before I share the answer I gave her, I want to address what’s going on here in her root chakra.

Why the root chakra stays stuck in cultural conditioning

The old energy of the root chakra has been an energetic connection in subgroups and larger cultural groups. In years past, this first energy center has been rooted in the energy of our tribal ancestors, with the focus on what will help the family survive.

Look back into our ancestors’ experience with the root chakra energy. The family they were born into was their main energetic connection to the world. They were part of a family energy system that was energetically connected to the earth. They were not energetically independent of their family, and being part of this larger energy system influenced who they were (or were not) supposed to be in their lifetime.

Your energy becomes enmeshed with cultural programming.

For generations, personal energy melded with the family’s energy system. They were one and the same. People did not have energetic autonomy from their family. They were inclined to make choices based on values that were energetically influenced by the family system.

People existed to please their family and parents’ values, making decisions from the perspective of how it would affect the family and fulfill expectations. The focus was not on the self, but rather the family unit first.

As we became a more modern society, this conformity to the group energy had a certain pattern. For men, it often looked like growing up and either going to college or getting a job, in order to work and provide an income for their family. For women, this pattern looked like staying home and raising children. Roles were defined without reference to the self or individual needs, preferences, or situations.

The old energy of the root chakra has influenced the experience of physical survival on the planet. This included feeling safe in the world and having basic needs met. In today’s world, this sense of safety translates into enough money and physical health. The old energy was more primal and focused on survival because survival was the experience.

How someone’s culture can “root” them into unhealthy patterns.

Let’s go back to the question from the Healing Center member. She comes from Romania, a country and culture that has experienced a lot of poverty and turmoil in its recent history.

Without realizing it, she is a carrier of those energy imprints. I knew this wasn’t about her partner, but about the carnage energy that was a part of her country’s recent history.

Men were the creators of most of it, and women were the victims.

I encouraged her to do the Healing Plan for Abuse and include this perspective in her intentions and awareness so things could start to shift.

I also reminded her that it’s okay to not sleep next to your partner when you need more energetic space to allow your system to clear and reset.

My husband and I sleep apart quite often for this reason and it’s very supportive.

Other ways cultural programming could be keeping you stuck

I’ve seen religious programming keep people from healing, as well as generational expectations and gender roles. Misconceptions about age and growing older can keep people from taking their power back and truly changing their lives.

I teach you how to let all of that go in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. With single sessions and Healing Plans, I guide you every step of the way to create a life of affluence, ease, and joy.

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