What Is Your Body Telling You? (And How to Listen!)

What we talked about in the January coaching call

Your body is constantly in communication with you. It just depends on how you perceive the messages!

Each month, I have a Live Coaching Call for all the members of The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. And we just had our January call a few days ago!

Together as a group, we’re moving through the Healing Plan for Weight Loss, and this powerful coaching call will be a valuable resource to rewatch when you need an extra reminder about the energy your body holds.

Watch the replay here.

You get access to this Coaching Call (and all the other calls we’ve done in the past) when you’re a member of the Healing Center. If you haven’t joined us yet, you can start your 14-day free trial right now.

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Here’s what we covered on the call:

But first! Have you gotten your own Weight Loss Affirmation Cards yet? They’re a beautiful and quick reminder to speak in the affirmative to yourself every day and train your mind. I use mine every single day.

(5:15) – A success story from an excited Healing Center member after doing the Clearing Walk for the first time. She was surprised at what it brought up that she wasn’t aware of on a cognitive level. This is why the Clearing Walk is so powerful!

Pre-selected Questions:

On these calls, you get access to me by submitting questions. I thoroughly answer the following questions using my intuition and expertise as an energy healer.

(9:00) – “I feel like I gain more weight with each pregnancy. My weight goal feels so far away. How do I get past this pattern?”

(11:13) – “I almost never feel full. No matter how much I eat, I still feel deprived. Any suggestions?”

(13:35) – “My body keeps getting hurt when I exercise. I have so many body issues that stop me now. Why does it seem like my body is betraying me by getting hurt?”

(16:40) – “How do I deal with a spouse who points out every time I look heavier or bloated? Any progress I feel gets flushed away the moment he does this.”

(21:04) – “I just watched your videos on Type Tendencies with Food. How do I find a good balance between my dominant and secondary energy tendencies with food?”

Special Guest Healing Session:

(22:18) – Meet Patricia. She’s been in the Healing Center for a long time and has gone through several plans—but she’s still feeling stuck when it comes to weight loss. None of her healing is leading to the results she wants to see. Pay attention to the theme I pick up on with her word choice to identify the core issue. Did you see it too?

(36:36) – I lead Patricia (and you!) through a short visualization of the Clearing Walk to clear stuck energy of old beliefs.

Live Questions

(43:50) – “I’m too touch-sensitive to do the tapping on my body. Is there another way to do the clearings?”

(44:32) – “Since starting the Healing Center, I’ve lost 5.5 inches but no weight. Why is that?”

How did this call help you? Post about your insights and “aha” moments in the members-only Healing Center Facebook group.

Psst. This coaching call had giveaways exclusively for our live viewers that are now closed. As you watch the replay, if you feel a tug toward any of the resources mentioned, treat yourself to them! You’re being called to them for a reason.

I hope to see you on the next Healing Center Coaching Call: February 24th at 7pm MT

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