What the Front and Back Side of Your Body are Trying to Tell You

Afraid of the Future? Holding Onto the Past?

Sometimes it appears that things are falling apart around us. What’s wonderful is that we all have the opportunity to get aligned with our own truth. By doing so, we’ll get on the right path to healing and be released from all the programming and constructs that cause suffering and discomfort in our lives.

Our body is a big message center. It’s not just about the aches and pains forcing us to think we’re breaking down. That’s just not true. When our body is hurting, it’s like a giant billboard telling us that it’s ready to heal in the particular area where we’re feeling pain or discomfort.

Where are you feeling pain in your body? Is the front side of your body like your chest, breasts, or front hips? Or is it more on the back side of your body primarily in your upper back, lower back, or your rear hips?

Whether you’re feeling more discomfort in your front or back area tells us a lot about the root of your pain.

Front Side Pain

When you’re feeling pain predominantly on the front of your body, it’s often because you fear the future. There are a few possible causes we can look at.

Maybe you lack confidence in yourself and your ability to make good decisions. Are you overthinking things? Perhaps you don’t want to move forward because you’re not sure and that indecisiveness is talking you out of making the right choices and taking action. Or do you find yourself constantly turning to other people for guidance and direction rather than turning to your own intuitive self?

Whatever the reason, if you’re experiencing pain in the front side of your body with a fear of the future we need to get you the right healing. You need to be able to move forward with confidence, an open heart and mind, and a willingness to move forward. Believe in your intuition and know it will all work out for you.

Rear Side Pain

If you’re experiencing pain primarily in the rear of your body, that’s often a sign that you are stuck in the past. Your mind is consciously or unconsciously drifting to past events and this is causing discomfort not only emotionally but physically. You might be carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, including the weight of any dysfunction from your childhood.

One common cause is that unresolved issues from your past trigger responses from you in the present. This leads to you trying to prevent bad things from happening today based upon your previously bad experience. You think if it happened then, it could happen again. So you live your life trying to prevent bad things from happening, which isn’t a healthy mindset.

Lower back pain is often about money issues and fears about not enough money. You might want to check out my 30-day Money Cure course.

Healing Front and Rear Body Pain

In my Healing Center, I teach various methods to help people heal the emotional, mental, and physical wounds that are causing them to be completely stuck in their life. One powerful technique that can help free your body of pain is the use of affirmations.

Front Pain Affirmation

Here is a powerful affirmation you can use if you’re experiencing front body pain. Watch the video above for more details.

I am grateful that I am moving forward confidently with an open heart and mind. I am watched over and guided in my journey forward.

Back Pain Affirmation

Here is a powerful affirmation you can use if you’re experiencing back body pain.

I easily let go of the past and disolve old Energy patterns. I am free. I am free. I am free.

Your Path to Healing

If you’re experiencing front side or back side pain, or any pain in your body or mind, I highly suggest you sign up for my 14-day free trial of the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. I’ll walk you through my most powerful healing sessions to help you heal completely from what keeps you stuck.

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