When the “Set-Ups” Life Gives You Suck!

How to powerfully heal during difficult times.

“Why did this happen to me??”

Ever had this thought cross your mind when something in your life goes wrong?

We all have!

In my book Mastering Affluence, I teach the concept of life “setups”—the idea that things happen to show us the limiting beliefs and old emotions we are still carrying that are wanting to be healed.

You read that right: when something goes “wrong,” it’s showing you what still needs to be healed.

What the…!

Let me explain what I mean by sharing a story that happened recently…when I got into a car accident.

How my car accident set me up for deeper healing.

In the spring of 2023, I got into a car accident.

Thank goodness everyone involved was fine and the other driver, a Type 4 gentleman driving a big truck, was really decent about it as it was my fault.

I pulled in front of him and my car got side-swiped pretty nasty.

Here’s why this was a setup that helped me clear a really deep wound from my childhood:

The week before, thanks to several presenting issues, I had become aware that I was still carrying the energetic pattern of “No one is there for me. I’m on my own.” This was my childhood experience, but because I didn’t fully heal it, it was still showing up in my adult life.

I had been doing a lot of clearing. I was using clearing statements like:

“I have a dad, but my dad is not a dad to me.”

“I have a mom, but my mom doesn’t know how to be a good mom for me.”

“I have siblings who are not my allies and friends.”

“I have a husband, but he’s not there for me.” (We had been playing out old patterns the last couple of weeks.)

“I’m on my own.”

So naturally, as it always does, the Universe brings up a situation to help you clear these deeper beliefs.

The backstory from my past:

When I was 16 and received my driver’s license, I got into a car accident the very first week of being on the road.

Yep, it happened because I pulled out in front of someone.

When I got home, the only thing my dad said to me was, “I knew that would happen to you.”

The experience was absent of anyone in my family being able to comfort or support me.

That hurtful and isolating event became the representing experience that embodied my childhood wound, as I have a vivid memory of the details of the accident and my father’s very callous comment.

The Set-Up: How My Accident as an Adult Brought This to the Surface

Fast forward 50 years to this recent accident.

After the legalities were addressed between me, the other driver, and a police officer, I went back to my car and sobbed. They were deep, cleansing sobs knowing what this all represented.

My dad has passed. And I get that he was captive to his own childhood wounding that inhibited him from showing up differently, but it felt good and right to finally let this go.

What was different about today’s accident was that everyone was showing up for me and asking, “Are you okay?”

I was receiving so much support and comfort! My husband, the police officer, the other driver, and my kids. This experience was night and day compared to my accident as a 16-year-old.

How to reframe your sucky situations:

As you can see, sometimes “set-ups “suck.

But try to remember: they have happened for you. Try to see the bigger meaning of them and the healing opportunity available with them.

I am not saying you should avoid difficult feelings, or spiritually bypass the work you need to do. But I am saying, see them as opportunities to DO the work!

I’m grateful I did that with this accident. Now that I have healed this deep wound, my intention is to move forward being accident-free, safely driving my car. My intention is to be supported, comforted, and to have my loved ones show up for me—and I know they will, especially now that this energetic imprint has been cleared.

This is the work we do in the Healing Center.

We clear out that old gunk, so we can be creators of our lives rather than victims of the old.

Clean up those setups that may be happening to you. I’ll help you every step of the way.

Come and see what the Healing Center is all about with my Basics Guide, and I’ll give you two weeks of the Healing Center for free.

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Bless you,

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