Here’s Why It’s Hard for You to Speak Up Sometimes

What happens when your throat gets "energetically congested"

Do you ever feel rushed when speaking? Like there’s some sort of limit you’re coming up against?

You get this sense of urgency that compels you to talk faster and finish up quickly because…well, it could be several things:

  • Because it feels like time is running out
  • Because you’re worried you won’t get another chance
  • Because you feel like no one listens
  • Because you’re not used to saying what you want
  • Because you’re experiencing nervous energy and want it to go away

Some would call it social anxiety. But consider the possibility that this is an energetic pattern you’ve picked up from long ago. I’m going to tell you how to clear it.

The Throat Chakra is only part of it.

Each month, I host a Live Coaching Call for The Carol Tuttle Healing Center, and we just had the coaching call for September. This month, we did an “Open Q&A” format where members were able to ask whatever question they wanted to related to their own individual healing journeys.

Sarah asked this question:

“If you clear your chakras, does that mean you shouldn’t present illness in those areas anymore? For example, if I clear my throat chakra and keep it clear, will my throat illnesses stay away?”

Sarah is experiencing repeated sore throats that scratch and burn. Since these issues are correlated with the throat chakra, she’s been doing work to clear up the energetic congestion. But I decided to go back in time to clear this up.

Why you don’t feel like you have the right to talk

Think back to your childhood. Think of how many times you were allowed to use your voice and be your own authority. Were you encouraged to speak up, disagree, or make decisions for yourself?

Most likely, the answer is no.

You were taught to raise your hand at school, ask to use the restroom, ask to leave the dinner table, etc. “Children should be seen and not heard.” You were expected to obey, be quiet, and listen. And if you didn’t, sometimes you were even punished for it.

Now you’re an adult, and it feels almost frightening to speak.

We have to change that narrative. You’re currently operating under the belief that you don’t have the right to speak. And that simply isn’t true!

In order to create the life you want and are worthy of, it’s essential to heal your inner child and step into your present adult self! We do this by clearing the energy from your childhood and re-writing the story.

Turn “Can I say something?” into “I have something to say.”

  1. Stop asking for permission. Don’t wait for permission to speak from the people around you. No more raising your hand—whether mentally or physically! Instead of asking, “Can I say something?” turn that into, “I have something to say.” Practice this with your children, at work, with your peers, and with your neighbors.
  2. Do these two powerful clearings. You’ll want to pair the Throat Chakra Clearing with the Childhood Development Clearing Session: Stage 3. This time in your childhood (from 18 months to 3 years old) was when you learned how to speak and use your voice to express yourself. If you did not feel safe speaking or were corrected a lot as a small child, you were not supported in developing your authentic voice. This session will help you clear away interference that keeps you from using your voice.

Heal the energy and watch the fears fall away.

These patterns may be what you knew as a child, so you’ve recreated them in your adult life. But you don’t have to continue carrying them. You know they’re not what you want, you know they’re not healthy. Now, you have the skill and tools to be able to manage and heal them.

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