3 Questions That Reveal Your Resilience Amid Recession Fears

Stress-test yourself to see how you respond about the economy.

When you hear rumors about the looming recession, how calm or stressed does it make you feel?

Economic leaders will tell you to be prepared by saving money, staying within your budget, and getting out of debt.

But as an energy healer, I know that these practices will only work for so long.

Why’s that? Because if you’re running an energy of fear around money, it’s actually not going to matter how much you have saved! Eventually, it will run out. You see, money is neutral—it will always respond to the energy and emotion you give to it.

What kind of energy are you giving money? Is it affluence, or is it fear?

Ask yourself these 3 questions to see how you interact with money:

1. Do you worry about your income?

Maybe your current employment situation feels uncertain.

Or maybe that’s not the case and you have a stable job that’s very secure.

But even in the latter circumstance, people often wish they were paid more so they would be able to do all the things they love, purchase what they wanted, travel and check every item off their bucket list, donate to charities more, etc. (Do any of these sound familiar?)

Look at your monthly budget. If you had an extra $500-$1000 extra to spend for you and your family, what would that feel like?

2. Do you feel afraid, anxious, or angry when you pay for things?

If you don’t have enough money, or if you’re worried about running out, it’s so understandable that you would feel this way!

I know this all too well. Back in the ’90s, my husband Jon and I were $45,000 in debt, and we couldn’t pay our bills. It was so stressful.

But wait! We are so used to feeling this way, that we aren’t even aware of it!

We don’t think about what it would be like to have a different experience.

So do that with me now! Imagine making a purchase (whether it’s groceries, buying a gift online, or paying off a big bill) and not even having to glance at your bank account beforehand. Imagine knowing you had plenty (and more!) to cover it, and that buying it wouldn’t set you back at all.

This is SO possible for you.

3. Do you feel optimistic about the future of the economy?

Not many people do right now. It’s been a rough few years out there!

But you don’t have to let it derail you. In fact, I’ve created strategies to help you stay independent of the global economy. Do you know you have a choice in the matter?

You DO.

Think about it—every time there’s been a depression, there have always been people who thrive during it. What if you were one of them?

I invite you to join me during the 30-Day Money Cure, a course I offer to help you create your own personal economy, heal your issues with money, and finally know what real wealth feels like.

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