Money Problems? Go From “There’s Never Enough” to “We Have Plenty!”

Finally! How to end money issues for good with this energy healing practice

Is your experience with money one of feeling defeated, stressed, and in a constant state of lack? You’re not alone.

In fact, this is such a common theme for so many people, that I dedicated a whole section in the Energy Healing Basics Guide to dive right into it.

That’s where Laura comes in.

Some of you are already familiar with Laura’s money story. She’s been a Healing Center member from the very start. She volunteered her time to be one of my guests for the Energy Healing Basics Guide. She showed up with vulnerability and an eagerness to change her experience with money.

For those of you who don’t know her story, it’s an incredible one. She was caught in a constant cycle for many years, a pattern that sent one message: “There’s never enough.” Every single month, she’d find out the news that there was no more money. Her family had to stop spending, even if that meant not purchasing necessities. It felt like a sucker punch each time. She felt pressure to make more money to make up the difference.

She saw this pattern but didn’t know how to change it. This created more frustration.

The energy of money was shut down.

The more Laura and I talked, the more I could see that she and her husband didn’t have easy, open, flowing communication about money. It’s not that they argued or disagreed about money—but it simply wasn’t being talked about enough.

They both felt powerless.

I was curious where this came from. We then dug deep into her parent’s stories about money. As it turns out, she never heard her parents discuss money in a positive, open way either. Not once.

It became abundantly clear to both of us that she still held the story of her past: There’s not enough money, there’s not enough to spend, women have no say, and there’s no communication.

While becoming aware of this can feel defeating, what it really shows is that you’re a powerful creator. All you have to do is clear the old story/beliefs so that you can create the new one.

How to clear the energy of “there’s never enough money” for good

We started with an affirmation: “I am grateful money is a joy in my life. There is plenty and to spare.”

This set the intention and energy into motion as we began the process.

Laura then used tapping, a self-applied energy healing technique that opens your energy so it can shift from a negative to a positive very quickly. As you watch the video here, you can see how she broke into an emotional place where her deep beliefs were sitting. As I like to say, she hit the cord. It’s uncomfortable, but once you get there, you can forgive and then reset the entire belief structure.

At the end of our session together, Laura was floored at the change she felt. “It’s real. Things are going to change. And they’re already changing—I just needed to be ready for it. Everyone deserves to feel like that.”

It warmed my heart to see the difference in her overall energy. I knew she had broken through something huge. I know how powerful this work is, and I knew her life was going to change.

That’s why I followed up with her several months later to see how she was doing.

How Laura’s doing now: an update

I asked her 3 questions:

1. How have your mindset and beliefs around money changed since meeting?

“I didn’t think I was worthy of having money. No matter what I did, I would never have enough. That day, I felt like I would never go back to that way of thinking. Once I was able to identify my block, I was able to get past it. I left the meeting believing that I was chosen to be successful and that the universe was ready to give back all that was taken from me. I left feeling that my life was about to fall into place, whereas before it seemed it was falling apart.

2. What money successes have you and your family experienced?

“We were incredibly blessed within a few short months. My husband, who was currently unemployed and making a meager amount doing what he could, suddenly experienced a high volume of business doing something he was before doing extremely part-time. This became his new job. We went from barely affording the house payment and basic bills to having an abundance of money. I want to point out that the flow has not slowed. We have consistently flowed that amount that suddenly kicked us off into a new income.

“My employment changed for the better. I got the position I had been wanting for the last 6 years. Weirdly, I no longer need to work for the money, because we would have plenty even if I didn’t, but I now love what I do.”

3. What resource in the Healing Center has been the most valuable to you?

“When the Healing Center opened, I committed to doing the work daily. I start each day listening to the sessions. It is my own energy hygiene practice. I don’t have to search for an easy resource because the Healing Center is there, just a touch away. Thank you, to the whole team, for the easy-to-access format. Thank you, Carol, for taking the time to know what healing we need in our day.

Your healing story with money is waiting for you.

How can you get started? It’s so simple. You either attract money into your life or you block it—every single day!

The Money Magnet Quiz shows you how much you do of each.

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