My Top 10 Affirmations for Aging Positively

Did you know that how you age is a choice?

Yale researchers did a study that showed positive thinking was a bigger factor in the length of life than exercise and smoking! That’s huge! On average, people who thought positively about their age lived 7.5 years longer than those who held negative aging stereotypes. Not smoking and getting regular exercise only adds 1-3 years on average. Keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol low only added 4 years on average in comparison.

The same study found that whether people saw themselves as “wise” or “senile” impacted enhanced or compromised memory performance.

Your mind is SO powerful!

Another study from Yale supported by the National Institute on Aging found that those with positive beliefs about aging were 50%less likely to develop dementia. These are just scratching the surface of what the mind can do.

I say this over and over—what you believe is creating the reality. It shouldn’t be surprising to see science back this idea up, but so many of us just don’t really consider how our thoughts impact our lives.

I want to help you look at your thoughts—both conscious and unconscious—to support your life with an affirmative mind.

Why Do We Hold Aging in a Negative Light?

You can’t stop aging. So, where does this negative attitude towards aging come from?

We’ve learned a cultural bias about aging. We value youth and see that as preferable. And, that idea is displayed EVERYWHERE.

Have you ever noticed that ads—even the ones for older adults—typically use younger actors? When you see an ad for life insurance that is clearly targeting an older demographic, the actors are in their late 50’s and 60’s. When you start to see the pattern, it’s incredible; younger actors are used because people tend to think, ‘Oh, I want to be like that!

There is an element of nature that plays a role here—we are designed to seek life and vitality for our survival. But, if we are completely honest, this negative attitude towards aging is really promoted because we are in a culture steeped in sexual attraction and materialism. Rather than see the intrinsic value of every human and the beauty of life, we flee from the idea of death and try to remain in the passions of youth.

We become obsessed with smooth skin, thick hair, fast fashion (what’s hot today will be completely different next season!) and physical fitness.

But this means we are hyper-focused as a society on just one aspect of life. While intimate relationships and affluence are enjoyable things, they are not the only things…or even the most important things! We are part of a throwaway culture.

We can absolutely change that mindset.

When we see the bias and stigma for what it is, we can start to dismantle the beliefs that are holding us back. In order to live a life of joy, you have to create and internalize that energy.

10 Positive Affirmations for Aging Positively

Here are ten affirmations you should internalize. Each one is chosen specifically to combat an area of the aging stigmas common among Americans today. Combat any negative thoughts by reciting these positive affirmations until they become natural.

  1. “I am [your age] and I 100% love and appreciate myself.”Yes, state your age. Get comfortable with referencing it as a simple fact. It does not have any bearing on your value, because your value is innate and cannot be diminished.
  2. “I am creating new and healthy beliefs and perceptions about aging.”Empower yourself to learn new things. You are not stuck in your ways or unable to adapt to new things. You can age gracefully with the ability to incorporate new ideas, new discoveries, new traditions, and new technological advances in your life!
  3. “Growing older is always going to happen, I am grateful that I can choose to create how I age.”You do get to choose how you age. You shouldn’t feel out of control, but your choices will add up to create your experience.
  4. “I am aging positively.”Your perception is entirely your own. Aging does not need to be a negative experience. If your thoughts or behaviors aren’t in line with this statement, then push them away.
  5. “I love how I look the older I get.”This is countering the belief that you can’t love an aging face and body. With so much of our media dedicated to the idol of youth, we tend to think negatively about our aging bodies and faces. Reject that and LOVE yourself at every stage! You will actually LOOK better and slow down the aging process when you hold this belief.
  6. “I am making choices with my diet, exercise, sleep, self-care and my beliefs that create a positive aging experience.”These things don’t just happen by accident. This is a cause-and-effect process. Brain health, circulation, vision, weight gain—your personal choices are going to impact your long-term health. See yourself as a healthy person and then make that a reality to improve your aging process in a positive way.
  7. “I am financially setting myself up for success as I age.”You can start this at any time. Of course it is better to be in a solid financial place at a younger age, but you shouldn’t be hung up on that. Start thinking about what a successful aging adult would do to get to that place of financial comfort. Make those choices in line with where you want to be.
  8. “I am free to create my own aging experience different from my parents.”This is a very strong subconscious belief to combat. Most of us are fearful that we will have the same struggles as our parents. Maybe this includes immobility, weight gain, anxiety or cognitive issues—whatever it is, you are creating your own future and it doesn’t have to be your story! Our current medical advancements are different, and you can also shift things to your favor. Don’t live in fear—chose to create your future.
  9. “I am grateful for my healthy skin and how beautiful my face looks the older I get.”Women especially get concerned about their aging skin and wrinkles. These things can add character and beautiful depth to your face. Do not beat yourself down, but LOVE your little quirks. How you perceive your own looks is going to manifest in how you radiate energy towards others. Claim life and vitality—your skin will hear that. And then, you can invest in certain products to support that underlying foundation. But, if you believe it is hopeless, you will create that reality as well and you can cause premature aging.
  10. “I am aware of what I am choosing and doing that is prematurely aging me and making changes to shift this. And, as a result, I start aging in reverse.”One of the biggest things that can age you prematurely is your negative beliefs about your age! When you shift those problematic thoughts, you start to mentally reverse that aging process. As you own it, you will also start to see the habits you are setting that age you prematurely and you can choose to shift those behaviors to age in reverse.

If you are looking for more positive thoughts to combat negative energy, here are 15 affirmations on feeling beautiful inside and out.

Make Your Life a Journey to Healing

As you age, you do not become less relevant and the sun is not setting until you are in the grave! Let’s be honest, there is a LOT of light and love for you to spread. You are still an energy force to be reckoned with—and that doesn’t even stop when the body eventually does.

Your journey at this point should be to unravel all those negative thoughts that are causing hurt and darkness within you. This is how you remain a contributing member of society! As you learn how to heal, you will pass that healing energy to others.

This is one reason I spend so much time working on these lessons, books, videos, and posts! I also work with people in courses in my Healing Center. I want to spread the joy and healing that I’ve found to as many people as possible.

We all have things deep down that are blocking our energy and holding us back. As you learn to heal and release those subconscious beliefs, you will start to see the power you have to create your reality. The mind is powerful, but it is clogged over time by deep-seated beliefs that we learn from a very early age.

If you are ready to start challenging those stigmas and negative thought patterns, I can help. Order my book Remembering Wholeness and then join me at my Healing Center to start uncovering blocks in your life.

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