An Easy 3-Step Process to Eliminate Cravings

Overcome cravings with steps you can do anywhere, anytime.

What’s your go-to food? You know, that particular comfort food or sweet treat you reach for when you’re feeling upset, or angry, or sad, or hurt? It might feel like you need tons of willpower to end your emotional eating pattern. But I’m happy to tell you it’s actually a pretty simple 3 step process. And you’re probably already doing the first step without knowing it!

3 Step Process to Eliminate Cravings

Step 1. Awareness

The first step is being aware of your own pattern. So congratulations if you are already aware that you’re doing this! (I assure you, you are not alone!)

You see your own pattern of self-sabotage, but you just don’t know what to do with it. That’s why we’re going to take your awareness a step further and look at the deeper meaning of your craving.

  • If you’re craving something sweet and soft, you need more sweetness in your life—whether this is from yourself or from others. Maybe you need more fun, pleasure, or opportunities to pursue what is calling to you.
  • If you’re craving something salty and crunchy, you need more self-confidence to have clearer boundaries. You feel like you’re not being heard, so you don’t speak up for yourself, or you say too much as you try to demand being heard.

Step 2. Tap in Affirmations

Affirmations help you reprogram and change your mind. Tapping creates a sensory shift that reprograms your brain.

The next time you have a craving, turn to these affirmations while tapping on your K27 points, just below your collar bones:

  • Craving sweetness: “I am now allowing and receiving that which sweetens my life. I am filled with sweet experiences that support me fully.”
  • Craving salty: “I am now clear on my boundaries and am supported by others in a respectful way. I am speaking up and I am heard.”

Step 3. Use a drop of the “I Am Fit” oil.

That’s right, just put one small drop on the tip of your finger and dab it onto your tongue.

I am fit healing oil
This oil blend activates your Power Chakra center, which motivates the correct appetite and reduces cravings. This inspires you to make healthy food choices and prevents repeating patterns from occurring.

All of the essential oils in this blend were chosen for a specific purpose. Take coriander, for example. Coriander has been used throughout history to stimulate the appetite by creating a unique flavor in foods. This oil has been known to help in circulation stimulation and lymphatic drainage. It is also used in balancing blood sugar, helping with digestive issues and relieving muscular pains. The fresh aroma assists in the treatment of exhaustion, or fatigue.

Keep a bottle of “I Am Fit” in your purse while you’re on the go. It’s easy to grab unhealthy food while you’re out running errands, or feel tempted to overindulge while you’re eating out. This oil will change the way you eat and feel about food!

I love hearing stories from women who see success with this oil, like Crystal:

“The I am Fit oil helps me feel satisfied (full) long after my meal. I have said ‘no thanks’ to many extra snacks in between meals!”

Deana also shares this story:

“This morning I took an inhalation of this blend and almost instantly felt this refreshing jolt of optimism. I knew what my body needed and I felt moved to act on my intuition. I’m enjoying how this blend supports the clearing sessions I’m working on in the Healing Center. By combining the two I have an olfactory reminder of my inner work.”

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