Are You Running Too Much Energy?

3 simple practices to restore your own energy and prevent overload.

“Is my energy system running too much energy?” — A critical question you’ve probably never thought to ask yourself.

The answer could be the reason you’re sick, stressed, or overloaded.

Running too much energy is like running your body’s engine on high all the time, everywhere you go. It’s too much and when done for too long can lead to a breakdown in your physical and mental health.

Extra energy is coming at us at an unbelievable rate. It can come from social media, the news, other people, and taking on responsibilities that aren’t yours.

How can you tell if you are running too much energy? What signs have you been missing?

Let’s look at the side effects of running too much energy, why it happens, what you can do about it now, and ways to prevent it.

The side effects can look like (1:25) imbalances in the body systems; autoimmune disorders, headaches, adrenal burnout, thyroid dysfunction, and other hormonal disruptions. You could turn to overeating or indulging in unhealthy habits. Children can be irritable, contentious, and stuck in negative patterns.

Causes can be (4:07) allowing other people to “dump” their energy into yours. Processing their energy and emotions for them in a codependent manner. Too much energy can come from overconsumption of social media, and video gaming, and becoming overly plugged into the collective energy of the planet and the events happening on it.

What can you do about this?

These 3 simple practices (4:46) restore your own energy and protect you from overload. Anyone can do them, even children.

(4:49) – Practice #1

  • Clean up what’s “too much” with a grounding essential oil blend. I like to use I am balanced. You can inhale the scent or apply it to the bottoms of your feet. This is especially helpful right before an event that might be challenging for you.

(6:14) – Practice #2

  • Push out the extra energy with this simple process. It can easily be modified for a public setting. Try it anytime you are feeling overrun with the energy and emotions around you.

(7:48) – Practice #3

  • Create and maintain your energetic boundary with a zip-up and lock. Do this first thing in the morning to set yourself up for success. This is easy and effective for children and even be done by proxy.

All of these will help you manage the energy around you and run the amount of energy that supports you.

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