EFT Tapping For Emotional Healing

Learn what tapping is, how it works, and how you can get started healing today.

There’s a lot going on that impacts your life on a daily basis. Money, relationship, physical pain, mental, negative thinking, spiritual challenges, and others drain your energy centers. When your energy centers are drained, you cannot be your best self and live your most affluent life.

My book, Mastering Affluence, teaches you how to live your most affluent life by identifying the areas of your life that you need to improve. The last 100 pages have bountiful information on tapping and how to clear your greatest challenges from your life.

Tapping is also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It was created by Gary Craig in the 1990s and I’ve been a dedicated practitioner almost from the very beginning.

EFT allows you to experience relief from physical and chronic pain, emotional trauma, and stress through alternative treatment. It is also commonly referred to as psychological acupressure. EFT tapping is achieved by tapping various acupuncture pressure points (aka tapping points) to ensure energy is flowing correctly throughout the body. It also opens neural pathways in the brain in order to improve your mood and sustain your body’s regenerative process. This Emotional Freedom Technique is so vital because it prevents diseases and other issues that may arise due to a blockage in your energy systems.

I am a firm believer in EFT tapping, and I want to share a little more about it with you today. Please, keep reading!

How Does Tapping Work?

While acupuncture takes years of training and certifications to master, EFT tapping is quick, easy, and painless. You can even perform this Emotional Free Technique on yourself! The process for tapping is fairly simple. You simply tap a finger on the energy meridian points in your body. These are the same points that would be commonly used in a traditional acupuncture treatment. Fortunately, no needles are involved in EFT! This is truly a stress-free way to enjoy clearing your energy centers if you are not a fan of needles.

The more important thing to remember when tapping is you must focus and concentrate. You are not tapping for the fun of it. You are engaging in this process to accept and resolve any negative emotion in your energy centers. This allows you to access any blocked energy and allow your body to return to its natural balance.

What Do Studies Say?

More often than not, EFT tapping is used to relieve anxiety. As you and I know, anxiety comes from not having an affluent life. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be managed until you are living the best and happiest life you deserve.

2013 study focused on veterans diagnosed with PTSD. The veterans in this study had incredible results. Most of the group felt a significant decrease in their anxiety and negative emotions. Better still, 90 percent of the participants no longer met the clinical criteria for PTSD symptoms at the time of the initial study. After a three month follow-up, 86 percent still did not meet the criteria of PTSD systems. At six months, 80 percent were still experiencing the wonderful relief from EFT tapping.

A few years later, a review was conducted in 2016 to compare Emotional Freedom Technique to standard care recommendations for anxiety. The individuals involved compared 14 studies that qualified for this review. At the end of the day, they concluded that EFT lowered anxiety scores more than traditional care recommendations. The study did mention that more data and testing is necessary, but this is a huge step in the right direction.

It warms my heart and soul to see more scientific research is focused on what truly heals and does not numb. As someone that was treated time and time again with therapy and prescriptions, I understand the frustration of something that doesn’t work the way it should. I was told I would feel better, but I just didn’t. It didn’t matter who I saw or what I took. I couldn’t feel right. That is, until I took control of my life and began exploring alternative ways to heal my mind. From facing my childhood trauma and taking my self-inflicted problems head on to prayer and Emotional Free Technique tapping, I healed myself. Now, I dedicate my life to helping others heal themselves.

3 Steps for Tapping to Emotional Health

Your negative emotions and thoughts drain your body’s energy. That’s why sometimes you can sleep for eight hours and still feel exhausted. Your well-being is just not aligned the way that it should be. It’s easy to fall in a rut and accept your current state as “forever”, but I need you to get those thought out of your mind. This is not forever. This is temporary until you finish your emotional healing journey. It’s not easy and it’s not fast. It will take as long as it takes, and it may be incredibly hard at times. I’m not going to lie to you. However, your emotional health is important. Without it, your physical health starts to be affected.

Now, EFT tapping takes only a few simple steps beginning with identifying your meridian points. Once you have identified your energy meridian points, follow these three simple steps to make the most of your EFT tapping:

  1. Make Clearing Statements: You must talk about the negative emotions and thoughts that make you feel as if you are still “stuck”. You have to let the negative emotions go at this step. Find the answer to, “What do I want to be free of?” in this step and say it out loud. You can follow this simple template until you can have a free conversation with yourself: “I am ready and I am clearing my struggle with (fill in the issues).”
  2. Forgive Yourself: This is so important! Emotional Free Technique gives you an opportunity to forgive. You are human and you have, can, and will make mistakes. You must learn to let go of what you harbor for those mistakes. Also, forgive others. They, like you, are only human. When you forgive, you open your energy and allow it to flow free throughout you, others, and the world.
  3. Create Reframes: What exactly do you seek to create? This is your chance to be honest with yourself and allow your body to create and activate new energy. Anything stuck in your energy meridians at this time will begin to flow at the speed of light.

When you are in the third and final step, it’s important to have phrases that guide you through the remainder of your tapping process. You can say things such as, “I have faith in my ability to change”, “I am joyful about these positive changes”, “I am accomplishing so much”, “I enjoy the calm and peace that I have”, “I love the person that I am”, or “I am becoming a more relaxed and joyful person.”

Remember this most importantly: you do not need to be a wordsmith. You simply need to have an open, honest, forgiving conversation with yourself to allow your energy centers to truly flow. This will improve your overall well being and eliminate negative emotions.

EFT Tapping Sequence

The EFT tapping technique is not difficult for your physical body. You are simply tapping a fingertip on meridian points. The EFT tapping sequence is what is difficult to master simply because you must combine the physical tapping with your emotional healing. I’ve outlined my tapping sequence below.

  1. Say your clearing statement(s) aloud before you begin.
  2. Using your fingers, beginning the tapping sequence with the inside of eyebrow.
  3. Then, tap the outside of your eye.
  4. Move on to tap the under your eye.
  5. Come around and tap under your nose.
  6. Move down to tap on your chin.
  7. Continue down to tap on your collar bone.
  8. Then, tap under your arm (about 6 inches).
  9. Lastly, tap on top of the head.
  10. Pause here to say your forgiveness statement(s).
  11. Start again at the first tapping sequence step, but say your reframe statement(s) this time. Continue through step nine.
  12. From here, continue to breathe in and out. If you wish, you may tap all over your body and continue to have an honest conversation with yourself.

If you are a visual learner or just want to connect with me outside of my blog, I also have my EFT tapping technique on my YouTube channel. Head over on over and check it out!

Get Started With Tapping

We all deserve to live an affluent life. We deserve happiness and balance in every aspect and waking moment. You deserve balance in the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and relationship aspects of your life. If even one is off, your energy centers will not be aligned. I can teach you how to handle every bump in the road so it doesn’t disrupt your current state of happiness. When combined with Emotional Free Technique (EFT) tapping, you will be an unstoppable force in this lifetime. You’ll have better money management, more career opportunities, deeper relationships, and so much more. EFT can and will help you begin or supplement your emotional healing journey.

It’s not easy to make the decision to focus on your wellbeing, especially not in this day and age. However, it’s important. It’s a must. It should be one of your top priorities. If you are not fully aligned and your emotional centers are blocked, how are you supposed to do your best for yourself, family, friends, and coworkers?

The emotional healing journey is what I have dedicated my life to because I know how hard it is to get to the point I’m at. I want everyone to experience this. It’s beautiful, joyful, uplifting, and more words than I could ever use to describe it.

If you are tired, stuck, upset, broke, unhappy, or just feel like you can’t get what you want out of this life, I can show you how. I created the Healing Center so I can connect with you one-on-one. You will live a better, more affluent life if you follow the guides I give you and work to heal on this journey. I offer weekly calls and a private community where you can connect with like-minded individuals who are after the same thing you are: contemptuous and happiness.

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