Energy Healing For Plantar Fasciitis—Or Any Physical Pain

How to get to the root cause of your physical pain (and clear it)

Are you struggling with intense physical pain that leaves you feeling hopeless? For over five years, I had a condition of chronic plantar fasciitis, and it was debilitating. But today I’m going to teach you how energy healing helped me heal this condition. And I have hope for you because now you can use the same methodology toward whatever pain you’re dealing with, and you’ll be able to free your body up to heal. Watch to see how:

Video Transcription

Are you struggling with physical pain that just, you feel hopeless that it’s not going to heal? I had a condition of plantar fasciitis, chronic in its condition for a little over five years, and that is a very painful, debilitating issue in the body. And I have hope for you today because I’m going to teach you how energy healing helped me heal my plantar fasciitis and applying the same methodology toward whatever pain you’re dealing with, you will be able to free your body up to heal.

I’m Carol Tuttle. I’m a healer and a teacher. I’m the creator of The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. I provide weekly videos here on YouTube with supportive content to help you learn how to heal and how to use powerful self-healing techniques to free your body, your mind, your emotions, to free it up to do what it’s designed to do, heal. You’re designed for well-being, you’re designed for an affluent life. You’re not meant to suffer. And so, pain causes suffering and I want to help free you of that suffering. I know what it is to suffer from daily pain. Have you had plantar fasciitis? What’s an issue you’re dealing with? Share in a comment. I want to help you. I’m gonna hold the intention…I want you to say it this way though. Rather than saying what it is, let’s put it in a very proactive phrasing and let’s enroll the law of attraction. Carol, what I am healing is…so rather than saying, “I am struggling with,” “I’m dealing with,” let’s put it in a positive. “Carol, I am healing…” and whatever the condition is. So, let’s put it out there right now in a comment that you’re going to heal this.

What’s the deeper issue underneath your physical pain?

I didn’t believe that all the time because when it kept just…it wasn’t getting better for months and months on end, I just was giving up. Then I realized I’m not getting to the deeper issues. I was invested in a lot of the physical things that support the healing of plantar fasciitis. I changed my footwear, I stopped wearing heels, I was wearing no rise…I was doing no rise shoes, just to shout out for all Altra shoes, they became my go-to. And I was doing all the stretching, I was doing the physical therapy, I was sleeping with the boot at night, I was wearing the compression sock. You name it, I’m sure I tried it and I invested a lot of time and money in the physical correction of this. So, I was focused on correcting the body issue. It didn’t help me. It would give small to no relief and it wasn’t permanent. It’d go right back to where it was.

And so, about a year and a half into this, I realized I’m not getting to the deeper issue. The deeper issue is an energy that my body is holding that’s provoking this to now be the norm. It’s like the body’s taken on a belief that it’s causing this to be what feels normal to the body because of this energy I carry. And as a veteran and pioneer in the field of energy healing, it was interesting to me that I hadn’t applied this earlier. It was like, “Duh, Carol, you know better. This is what you teach people. You teach people go to the underlying issue. What belief did you take on as a child? What was the energetic environment of your childhood? What was going on earlier in your life that would have become a constant that would create an energy pattern that your body finally manifests as a physical issue?” Once I figured it out, it was just so phenomenal to me that it was like, “Oh my gosh, of course.” I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. It was a lot of trauma energy. My father was very dysfunctional, he’s a Type 3 in my Energy Profiling system, and the norm for my father was, you never knew when he was gonna get upset. His upsets weren’t mild upsets. They were full on rage upsets. They were out of control, you never knew when he was gonna, like, lose it.

Healing happens when you connect your emotions to the physical pain.

And this is the phrase, this is the phrase that I’d even catch myself saying or thinking in my mind. I had to walk on eggshells when I was a child. I’m like, oh my gosh, it feels like I’m walking on eggshells every day of my adult life right now because that’s what the pain felt like from the plantar fasciitis and the tendonitis I was dealing with. I’m like, oh my gosh, it’s like I’m walking on eggshells every single day. Energetically, I was walking on eggshells as a kid for all of my childhood. There was no period where this was the case. From the time of my birth all the way to my exit in moving out when I was 18, when I went to college, if my dad was around, you were walking on eggshells because you never knew when the unpredictable was gonna manifest. And my mother actually encouraged us to do this. We were taught as children, “Don’t upset your father.” We were taught as children, “It’s best you walk on eggshells because we need to keep him from getting mad.” Well, my body took that energy on as the norm. So, I knew I need to tap that out, I need to clear that, I need to go back and create this, in my mind, use my visualization techniques to create a different environment for my child self.

So, what are some things that might be happening from you, because you may relate to this if you have plantar fasciitis, and go, “Yeah, man, I had to, like…I wasn’t safe as a kid.” Now, if you have stomach issues or gastrointestinal issues, maybe there was something you couldn’t stomach as a child. Think of that. Man, I couldn’t stomach that. What was going on that would have caused an imbalance in that part of your body. Okay, do you have pains in your neck? What in your childhood was just a pain in the neck to deal with? Maybe you didn’t get along with your mother or your father. It wasn’t that there was trauma, it’s just you didn’t get along. There wasn’t a cooperative understanding. You didn’t feel supported. That’s another one. You don’t feel supported so maybe you have back issues because your back is, you know, your torso is the largest part of your physical body and maybe hips, hips support you. Joints, when joints present arthritis, inflammation, that’s about feeling stifled, blocked. I can’t move true to me. I can’t move forward in life. So, now your body’s presenting that. What about headaches? You were most likely as a child taking on the disruptive stressful energy of your family or your parents as a kid, and now there’s certain scenarios where you still take on the energy and it’s either an immediate or delayed response to your body now presenting it as a headache.

Look at the phrases you say to get to the root cause of trauma.

There’s a myriad of variables. This is just helping you start to think this way. This is what we do in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. I teach you how to be, what I call, the CSI of your life, where you can go, “Ah, that’s what it is, that’s the belief and the emotion and it’s created an energy pattern my body’s running that now has turned into this physical issue.” So, mine was walking on eggshells. I knew I needed to clear that. Here’s what I did and let’s do it right now.

What’s come to you while you’ve been watching this? Share in a comment, what aha have you had? All I have to do is get you thinking this way and typically, your higher self or your soul is gonna feed you with the information and go, “Here’s what you’re looking for.” You’ll get that aha, that lightbulb will turn on. If not right now, I’ll invite it. I’m going to get an aha on what’s creating my physical issue. I’m going to zero in on what it is so I can tap it out. So, go with whatever…if you don’t have a specific one right now, just follow me and we’ll hold the intention that what I’m doing will support you.

A simple energy healing technique to help clear this old pattern of physical pain.

We’re gonna do a real simple tapping on our K27. So, I’m gonna pull my necklace up so I’m not pounding on it. You’re gonna tap right here. These two acupressure points open up all of your meridians, your meridians are your energy pathways. When they’re open and flowing, it activates healing, lets the law of attraction flow freely in your whole system. Think back to that time in your life, I can just think back to my childhood in general, I was always walking on eggshells. Hey, I’m letting go of, repeat after me, this pattern of walking on eggshells. I am free of the energy my body holds of walking on eggshells. My child self is now free from the fear that walking on eggshells created. I’m releasing this from all parts of my body. I’m releasing this from my feet. I’m now free to heal. I’m grateful my feet are healing. I’m now walking a peaceful path. My path is clear, smooth and supportive. I stand forth living true to myself. I am whole and healed. I am whole and healed. All parts of my body are whole and healed. I’m gleefully skipping through life. My feet feel amazing in every moment and every day.

Bring all that in. Are you feeling that? That is so amazing. You cleared the old. You’re inviting the body to unwind that old energy pattern, you’re tapping on the potential that as if it’s already there so your body holds that energy pattern, because you want your body free of the old energy pattern and operating the new pattern. Your body operates by patterns. Those energy patterns that you’re now waking up to are going to support your well-being, so you can heal. So, use energy healing to heal whatever you’re dealing with. I used my example of plantar fasciitis.

Now, it’s interesting because once I started to really clean this up and shift my energy, the things that I was drawn to, the resources I was using began to work. I saw results and some things I didn’t know about specific to my particular issue, some people that do different body healing techniques and were really specialized in this area presented in my life. It’s like they could come forth because now healing was going to happen. I had released myself from the original energy that provoked the creation of this. And I’m here to say that my feet are still in the very last phases of healing that I am skipping through life gleefully. It’s a beautiful thing to wake up and go, “My feet feel normal.” I’ll pause when my feet feel 100% clear, healthy, what I call normal. And I go, I notice this right now, everything feels balanced. And I’ll tap all over my body to ground that.

Join me in The Carole Tuttle Healing Center. I put a link in the copy. I’ve got a great healing plan for healing disease and illness. It’s a three-week plan where I will take you through specific clearing sessions, you have daily activities, weekly sessions with me. I’m on video with you but it makes no difference as if you’re sitting with me live. It’s in the convenience and privacy of your own home. You’re able to do it any time that it’s supportive to you. The resources are there at your disposal as long as you have a membership and I make healing affordable and easy. It’s only $69 a month. Or you can get the three-month plan for $179, so you save a little money. There’s thousands of people that are using this resource. I wanna help you and continue to teach you how you can heal.

Thanks for joining me at The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. I’ll see you in the Facebook group and I’ll see you next week with my next video. Subscribe to my channel and hit that bell so you get notified with my next powerful healing video. When it’s published, you’ll get notified. That’s what the bell is. Thanks for watching.

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