Could This Limiting Belief Be the Reason You Haven’t Found Love?

Watch the healing process unfold in this woman's story

How many times have you felt unwanted?

Recently one of my Healing Center clients shared a personal story of how she cleared this limiting belief and followed the steps of the healing process. As a result, she manifested a loving and supportive relationship!

Her story so clearly demonstrated the steps taken that supported her to heal:

  • Identify the limiting belief
  • Create a new belief
  • Be open to inspiration
  • Take inspired action

Let me take you through Myriah’s story while we identify the different parts of the healing process.

What are your upsets telling you?

“I was at a Christmas singing event in early December and I discovered that the only guy who I thought of as an eligible bachelor in my area and faith had a girlfriend. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I would liken the feeling to being cheated on. Except in my case, I didn’t really even know this guy. Because I’ve been practicing in the Healing Center since fall, for the first time I realized this was a VERY common feeling that I’ve had for years!

“My usual response is to stuff it down and get over it. ‘I shouldn’t be feeling this way. I have no reason to feel sick to my stomach. Get over it!’ And – as you know – that doesn’t help me to feel better or understand the root of it.

“The Healing Center taught me to allow myself to feel emotion, no matter how illogical. My understanding of this physical response changed. I now know there was something to be healed, and the best way to start was to allow myself to feel the emotions.”

Why you want to feel your feelings:

In order to heal emotional repression, you have to feel your feelings. Here’s how it went for Myriah:

“It was horrible.

“Finally through tapping and crying and journaling and praying, I discovered a GIANT hidden belief: I’m not wanted. Men don’t want me. They never have, and they never will. Not even just one. I am unwanted.

“I have carried this belief with me throughout the years, feeding it whenever I could. Any rejection at all was fed to my belief. Even this non-rejection (like a barely-acquaintance not choosing me) was fuel to my belief.”

Step 1: Identify the belief.

“Once I identified this belief, knowledge and understanding of past experiences and relationships flooded over me and things just clicked. That was a very big night for me.

“The next morning in the shower I broke down again. I was feeling feelings from the last 20 years, at least. In the shower, crying more than I have in a very long time, I started tapping. I have no idea how long I was in there, but during my tapping, I asked my God to remove this poison from me. This belief of being unwanted by men was poison. I wanted it OUT!

“The energy release had me feeling drained, but I felt better. That day at work my coworker had developed a cold sore. I internally bragged that I never get cold sores. My last one was probably 2003? They never happen. I continued to work on tapping and ask God to remove the poison of being unwanted from my soul. Two days later the strangest thing happened to me: I developed a cold sore.

“My immediate response was a BIG REACTION. A MAJOR freak out. I could tell others felt my response to this cold sore was not in line with the response it should receive. That was my first red flag. Could this be a healing thing, instead of just a body thing? I kept saying over and over “I don’t want this cold sore. I don’t want this cold sore.”

Step 2: Create a new belief.

“It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized this cold sore was a physical manifestation of removing from my body the poison of my belief of being unwanted.

“Once I figured that out, I leaned into that cold sore. I thanked it. I blessed it. I talked to my family about the joy of this cold sore.”

Step 3: Be open to inspiration.

“During the height of my blessed oozing cold sore, I attended a Christmas party at my church.

“The entire time I felt like I needed to talk to a certain single man. He had flittered into my mind quite a bit the last week, and now we were in the same room together.

“Because I’m smooth, I figured out a way to get me and my cold sore over to him without looking like a runaway train, and I casually struck up a conversation.

“Once I was in his presence, I was completely overcome with the feeling that what I had just initiated was much bigger than myself.

Step 4: Take inspired action.

“I had acted because it was the next right thing to do in my healing process, and it felt like I had been swept up into a powerful, safe wave in which the most obvious and soul-right decision was to allow this wave to carry me securely to a wonderful destination.

“From the first moment, I felt WANTED by him.

“We have been dating 6 months, and every single day I feel wanted. I feel supported. He has certainly been a major player in my healing. Every so often another something comes up that allows me to continue healing my belief that I’m not wanted. And every time I work through it. WE work through it. Thanks to the Healing Center.”

Loving couple by the sunset - how to heal
Now that you see the process broken down, look at your own life.

Where could an upset be an opportunity to heal? What limiting belief is causing this upset? I’d love to hear your story.

Bless you,

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